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Wedding Dress and Veil Matching The match of wedding dress and veil plays an important role in completing the bride's look on her wedding day. Here are some important points you should consider about wedding dress and veil compatibility: Wedding Dress Style and Veil: Depending on the style of your wedding dress, it is important to choose a suitable veil. For example, a long and wide veil can create a beautiful harmony with a princess cut wedding dress. A mermaid or straight cut wedding dress can be compatible with a more elegant and simple veil. Veil Length: Veil length should be compatible with the skirt of your wedding dress. While a long veil is generally preferred with a lon
Recommendations for Stoned Bridal Crowns Stone bridal crowns add an elegant touch and luxurious atmosphere to brides' hair. Here are some recommendations for stone bridal crowns: Compatibility with Wedding Dress: The crown should match your wedding dress. Choosing a crown that matches the lace, stones or other details on your wedding dress completes the overall look. Compatibility with Hair Style: The crown should match your preferred hair style. If you plan to leave your hair in a bun, wavy or straight, the crown should be in harmony with this style. Suitability for Face Shape: Consider your face shape when choosing a crown. For example, longer crowns or V-shaped crowns may
Accessories for Covered Wedding Dresses   The accessories to be chosen for covered wedding dresses may vary depending on the design of the wedding dress and personal preferences. However, in general, the following accessories can be compatible with closed-back wedding dresses:   Headpiece and Crowns: You can choose a headpiece or crown that matches your covered wedding dress. Crowns can vary from models embroidered with elegant stones or pearls to simpler and more elegant designs. Headpieces are generally used to emphasize the head part of the wedding dress.   Lace or Tulle Veil: Among the veils that are very compatible with closed wedding dresses, there may
Closed Wedding Dress Models Covered wedding dress models generally refer to designs with a high collar or covered with fabrics such as lace, tulle and satin. These models add an elegant, traditional and stylish atmosphere to women wearing wedding dresses. Here are some popular covered wedding dress models: High Collar Models: In these models, the collar and length of the wedding dress are usually covered with a high collar, usually designed with lace or transparent fabrics. Models with Lace Detail: Lace is a detail frequently used in closed wedding dresses. Lace details throughout the wedding dress can be effective in adding elegance and romance. Closed Sleeve Models: Some weddin
Priorities in Wedding Planning   Wedding planning is an extensive process that involves many details. When starting to plan, it's important to set priorities and move things forward in stages. Here are some key areas to prioritize in wedding planning:   Date Determination:   The first step is to determine the wedding date. Once the date is set, it will be easier to focus on other details. The wedding date should be chosen depending on factors such as season, availability of guests and budget.   Budget Determination:   Setting a wedding budget is the foundation of planning. Keeping expenses under control and evaluating budget-friendly
Which Bridal Products Should I Choose for Summer Weddings?   Bridal products used in summer weddings should provide a light, romantic and spacious look, considering the warm weather and the generally open-air wedding atmosphere. Here are some bridal products that should be evident at summer weddings:   Lightweight and Breathable Wedding Dress:   The fabric of the wedding dress is important in summer weddings. Light and breathable fabrics such as chiffon, tulle, satin or silk can increase the comfort and elegance of the wedding dress.   Flower Crown and Flower Bouquet:   Flower crowns and fresh flower bouquets can reflect the colorful and
Bridal Accessories for Summer Weddings   Since summer weddings take place in a warm and sunny atmosphere, the selection of bridal accessories should include comfortable, light and summery details. Here are some important factors to consider when choosing bridal accessories for summer weddings:   Lightweight and Breathable Fabrics:   Considering the hot weather of summer, light and breathable fabrics should be preferred for bridal accessories. Accessories designed with summer materials such as chiffon, thin tulle and silk provide comfort.   Flower Details:   Summer is a season when flowers bloom abundantly. Floral details such as bridal b
Bridal Accessories for Winter Weddings   Winter weddings can have a cold and romantic atmosphere, so choosing bridal accessories should take into account the characteristics of this season. Here are some important factors to consider in bridal accessories for winter weddings:   Warm Accessories:   The cold weather of winter may affect your wedding day, so warm accessories may be preferred. Wool gloves, shawls with thick feather details or accessories with fur details are ideal options in this sense.   Suitable Fabrics:   It is important to choose appropriate fabrics for winter weddings. Materials that look warm and luxurious, such as thi
The Most Popular Bridal Accessories for Spring Weddings   Since light, romantic and natural themes are generally preferred at spring weddings, bridal accessories are also chosen to suit this atmosphere. Here are the bridal accessories popular in spring weddings:   Flower Crown and Tiaras:   Crowns made of spring's fresh flowers and natural greenery are frequently preferred at spring weddings. Models with floral crowns or dried flower details are also popular.   Light and Flying Veils:   Long, light and transparent veils are ideal for spring weddings. Veils decorated with lace embroidery or flower details add a romantic atmosphere.
The Most Fashionable Bridal Products of Recent Years   Bridal accessories and details of recent years have also changed depending on various trends and fashion trends. Here are some bridal products that have become popular in recent years:   Crown and Crown Models:   Elegant crowns, crowns worn on the head, as well as models with various stones and pearls have been popular in recent years. Vintage style crowns have also been trending.   Bridal Flowers:   Bridal bouquets and flower crowns made with natural flowers are especially popular at summer weddings. At the same time, modern and romantic models designed with artificial flowers can a
The Most Fashionable Wedding Dress Models of Recent Years   Various trends have been observed in the wedding dress fashion of recent years. However, an important factor that should not be forgotten is that the choice of wedding dress should suit personal tastes and body type. Here are some wedding dress fashion trends of recent years:   Minimalist Wedding Dresses:   Straight and simple cut minimalist wedding dresses have increased in popularity in recent years. Few details, clean lines and simple designs provide an elegant and modern look.   Mermaid Wedding Dresses:   Mermaid wedding dresses, which hug the body and expand from the knee d
  Wedding Dance A wedding dance often represents a special moment for the couple to spend together. How this dance will take place depends on the couple's personal preferences, musical taste and dancing abilities. But in general, the following tips can be helpful when planning your wedding dance: Wedding Dance Song Selection: The first step is to choose a song that you and your partner enjoy and that has a special meaning. Whether it's a romantic slow song or a fun dance song, it's important that the song has meaning to you. Dance Style Selection: The style of your wedding dance may vary depending on your dancing skills and concept. While traditional dance
Things to Consider When Choosing a Pearl Detailed Wedding Dress   There are a few important factors you should pay attention to when choosing a pearl detailed wedding dress. Pearls are a beautiful embellishment that add an elegant and classic touch to your wedding dress. Here are some important points to consider when choosing a wedding dress with pearl details:   Pearl Quality:   When choosing a wedding dress with pearl details, pay attention to the quality of the pearls. Pearls can often be real pearls, cultured pearls or imitation pearls. Real pearls are generally more valuable and expensive, but cultured pearls can also offer a nice option. Faux pearls ma
  Compatibility of Zircon Stone Bridal Crown with Wedding Dress The compatibility of the zircon stone bridal crown with your wedding dress may vary depending on the style, details and design of your wedding dress. However, in general, paying attention to the following factors can make your bridal crown compatible with your wedding dress: Wedding Dress Model and Cut: Your bridal crown should match the model and cut of your wedding dress. For example, if it is a princess cut wedding dress, a larger and flashier bridal crown may be preferred. If it is an A-line or mermaid cut wedding dress, you can consider a crown with more elegant and fine details. Color Matching: The c
  How Should Bridal Veil Be Selected? The bridal veil is one of the most important accessories of the wedding, along with the wedding dress, and it completes the bride's look and adds a special atmosphere. When choosing a bridal veil, you can consider the following factors: Suitability for Wedding Dress: Your bridal veil should match your wedding dress. It is important to choose a veil that suits the wedding dress model, cut and decorations. Attention to Details of the Wedding Dress: Consider the details on your wedding dress. For example, if you have a lace wedding dress, the veil may also have lace details or decorations that match the decorations of your wedding
  Critical Details to Pay Attention to in the Wedding Ceremony Planning a wedding ceremony can be a complex process and involves many details. Here are some of the critical details to consider in the wedding ceremony: Budget Planning: Determine your wedding budget and keep your expenses within this framework. Guest List: Determine who you will invite and create the guest list. Invitations: Print invitations on time and plan distribution. Date and Venue: Determine the wedding date and venue in advance and make your reservations. Wedding Dress/Groom Suit Selection: Choose your wedding dress and groom's suit in a timely manner and plan special sewing operations whe
3 Strategies for a Good Bridal Accessory You can consider the following strategies when choosing a good bridal accessory: Choose to Match Your Wedding Dress: Bridal accessories should match your wedding dress. This harmony can be achieved by paying attention to the color, style, theme and details of your wedding dress. Here are the strategies you can use to achieve this harmony: Choose a tiara, tiara or hair accessory that suits your wedding dress style. Choose jewelry that matches the color palette of your wedding dress. Create a holistic look by choosing accessories that match the wedding theme. Pay attention to the wedding dress details. For example, you can choose lace
Things to Avoid in Bridal Accessories There are some factors you need to consider when choosing bridal accessories, and there are also some mistakes to avoid. Here are some mistakes to avoid when choosing bridal accessories: Using Too Many Accessories: More does not mean better. Using too many accessories can complicate your look. Simple and elegant accessories are often a better option. Wearing Jewelry Without Damaging Your Wedding Dress: You should be careful when attaching jewelry to your wedding dress. Jewelry with metal or stones can damage or snag the fabric of your wedding dress. Choosing Your Accessories That Are Incompatible with Your Wedding Dress: It is important that yo
The most fashionable bridal accessories of 2023 Fashionable accessories for brides in 2023 may change every season and vary according to personal preferences. However, some popular bridal accessories in 2023 may be: Tiara and Tiara: Elegant and bejeweled tiaras or tiaras may be a popular bridal accessory in 2023. These accessories can be used in hair in harmony with the wedding dress. Leafy and Floral Hair Accessories: Natural-looking leafy or floral hair accessories can add a romantic touch. There are various options such as tiaras, tiaras or hair clips. Bridal Belts: A thin belt that emphasizes the waist and complements the wedding dress may be fashionable in 2023. These belts
Ideas to Help You Start Wedding Organization There are many details you need to take into consideration before the wedding organization begins. Here are some ideas that may help you when starting your wedding organization: Setting a Budget: The first step is to determine your wedding budget. Once you determine your budget, try to limit your expenses according to this budget. Date and Venue Selection: Choose your wedding date and venue. Choose the right date and venue by taking into account factors such as season, weather and accessibility of your guests. Guest List: Create a guest list to determine which guests to invite. This list will shape the size and organization of your wed
Important Facts That Will Affect the Wedding in 2023 When planning your wedding in 2023, it is important to consider the following important facts: COVID-19 Pandemic and Health Monitors: The pandemic has impacted wedding plans around the world, and this impact may continue in 2023. Local health rules, restrictions and vaccination requirements may affect wedding receptions. That's why it's important to follow local health guidelines when setting a wedding date and sending out invitations. Budget Management: Economic conditions can affect the wedding budget. Review your budget in 2023 and plan the income-expense balance well. Avoid financial hardship by keeping your wedding ex
Four Reasons to Make a Wedding a Success Many factors are effective in making a wedding successful. Here are four important reasons why: Good Planning and Coordination: Good planning and coordination is necessary for the wedding to be successful. The date, venue, invitations, catering services, music, decorations and other details should be thought out in advance and organized properly. A good wedding planner or organizing team can make this process easier. Choosing a Good Venue: The wedding venue is an important factor that determines the atmosphere of the wedding. The size, style, location and interior decoration of the venue should suit the wedding theme and the couple's pers
Misconceptions People Have About Marriage People's misconceptions about marriage can be quite diverse, and everyone has different opinions on the subject. However, in general, people's common misconceptions about marriage may be as follows: Fairytale Marriage: Many people believe that marriage will make their life completely like a perfect fairytale. But in real life, every relationship has its challenges, and marriage can sometimes be fraught with difficulties.   Ideal Partner Expectations: People often exalt the qualities they look for in a partner. This can lead to unrealistic expectations.   The Thought That Marriage Will Solve Problems: Some people be
Top 5 Ideas for Wedding Dresses and Wedding Accessories Here are the top five ideas for wedding dresses and wedding accessories: A Minimalist Wedding Dress and Large Stone Earrings: You can emphasize your elegance by wearing a simple and minimalist wedding dress. In accordance with this style, you can add an elegant sparkle to your wedding dress by choosing earrings with large stones. Vintage Style Wedding Dress and Lace Detailed Veil: If you are considering a vintage wedding theme, you can complete your style with a lace detailed wedding dress and a long, romantic lace veil. This combination creates a classic and elegant atmosphere. Backless Wedding Dress and Back Jewelry: If you are we
The Most Common Mistakes When Choosing Wedding Accessories Going Overboard: Wedding accessories should be used to complete your wedding dress, but adding an excessive amount of accessories can make your look messy and messy. Choosing minimalist and elegant accessories can create a more stylish and sophisticated effect. Choosing Incompatible Accessories: Choosing accessories that are not suitable for your wedding dress model and style can damage your whole look. You can get a more balanced look by choosing accessories that are compatible with your wedding dress and suitable for your style. Last Minute Accessory Decision: Trying to choose accessories close to the wedding day can be st
Choosing Wedding Dress Accessories Professionally You can follow the steps below to choose wedding dress accessories professionally: Accessories Suitable for Your Wedding Dress Model: When choosing your wedding dress, make sure that your accessories are compatible with your wedding dress model. For example, for a princess cut wedding dress, you can choose a thinner and more elegant tiara or hair accessory instead of a tiara decorated with elegant and large stones. Selections to Suit Your Wedding Theme and Style: Choose accessories based on the wedding theme and your personal style. If you are going to have a romantic and classical wedding, traditional veils and accessories with pearl deta
Wedding Dress Accessories to Make the Wedding Dress More Effective Wedding dress accessories can make the bridal wear experience more cultivated and elegant. Here are some popular wedding dress accessories that will make the wedding dress more cultivated: Veil: Veil is a traditional and romantic wedding dress accessory. It can be found in different lengths and styles and has the potential to add beauty by completing a wedding dress. Tiaras and Tiaras: Tiaras and tiaras are hair accessories that go with the wedding dress. It provides an elegant look and creates an elegant effect with the wedding dress. Wedding Dress Belts: Wedding dress belts can make your wedding dress more prominent and
The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Bridal Accessory Here are the steps to guide you in finding the perfect bridal accessory: Get Inspired and Search: Get inspired and research different bridal accessories from sources such as the internet, bridal magazines, wedding blogs and social media platforms. Start by identifying the models and styles you like. Make sure it is compatible with your wedding dress: When choosing bridal accessories, consider the model, color and details of your wedding dress. Your accessories should be compatible and complementary with your wedding dress. Choose accessories that combine simplicity and details in a balanced way. Determine Your Style and T
Unleashing the Power of Bridal Accessories You can consider the following tips to bring out the power and impact of your bridal accessories: Balance and Harmony: Take care to choose your bridal accessories in harmony with your wedding dress and wedding theme. Your accessories should accentuate your wedding dress in a complementary and balanced way. You can choose a simple and elegant combination without going overboard. One Featured Accessory: Among your accessories, you can highlight a piece that is especially compatible with your wedding dress. For example, you can keep other accessories simpler by emphasizing your bridal caterpillar or bridal tiara. Accessories that Reflect Pe
Why It's Important to Use Bridal Accessories Bridal accessories are items that are worn with the wedding dress on the wedding day and complement the bride's appearance. These accessories not only provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance, but are also important as an essential part of the wedding day for several important reasons: Appearance and Elegance: Bridal accessories add grace and elegance to the bride's look. Accessories used as a complement to the wedding dress add a special touch by reflecting the style and personality of the bride. Aesthetics and Beauty: Accessories such as hair accessories, bridal caterpillar, bridal crown, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and b
How to Choose the Right Bridal Accessory for Your Needs Bridal accessories, along with the wedding dress, play a complementary role on the wedding day and reflect the bride's style, beauty and personality. You can follow the steps below to choose the right bridal accessory: Wedding Dress Compatibility: Bridal accessories should be compatible with your wedding dress. You should choose accessories by considering the features of your wedding dress such as model, cut, lace details and decorations. If your wedding dress is plain, you can choose more flashy accessories; However, if your wedding dress is already detailed, you can turn to more minimal and elegant accessories. Style and
Ridiculous Wedding Customs Wedding customs can vary in different cultures and societies, and customs that can sometimes seem silly, quirky, or bizarre can emerge. Here are some examples: Shoe Stealing: This custom can be seen in some countries. At some point in the wedding, the groom's or bride's shoes are usually stolen. A ransom is then demanded to return the stolen shoes to the bride or groom. It's kind of a joke or a fun custom. Carrying on the Back: In some cultures, the bride rides on the groom's back with her wedding dress at the end of the wedding, and the groom is expected to carry it. This custom can carry symbolic meanings such as carrying the bride "
Ancient Wedding Traditions Ancient wedding traditions in Turkey have a rich cultural heritage. Here are some popular old wedding traditions: Henna Night: Henna night is an important ritual in Turkish weddings. The bride's hands and feet are hennaed and adorned by the bride, her family and friends. Tonight is a celebration where the bride leaves her celibacy behind and steps into marriage. Songs and dances are performed to the accompaniment of traditional Turkish music. Bride Receiving: Bride receiving means leaving the bride's family home by wearing a wedding dress and going to the groom's family's house. This is an important ritual in Turkish weddings. When the brid
Why is a wedding dress tied? There is no definitive story or source regarding the origin of the tradition of tying the wedding dress. However, some cultures have various stories and beliefs about this tradition. Here are some examples: Roman Empire Period: According to some sources, the tradition of tying knots on wedding dresses dates back to the Roman Empire period. Roman brides believed that by tying knots in their wedding dresses, they would ward off evil spirits and bad luck. These knots also symbolized the bride's fidelity throughout the marriage. Greek Mythology: Greek mythology also has a story of tying a knot in a wedding dress. Accordingly, it is believed that the godd
Suggestions for Hijab Brides Wedding Dress Selection: Hijab wedding dresses can have simpler cuts rather than models that wrap the body and reveal the body clearly. Elegant wedding dresses with lace or embroidered details that emphasize veiling and compliance with moral values can be preferred. Of course, every bride should choose the model that suits her preference. Hijab and Accessories: The hijab can be designed in harmony with the wedding dress. A stylish and elegant headscarf can be preferred. Accessories such as bridal crown, tiara, bridal bouquet or bridal hairpin can also be used. When choosing accessories, it is important to pay attention to the style of the person and their h
Accessories for Hijab Brides There are different accessory options for brides wearing a turban. Below are some accessories that hijab brides can choose: Bridal Tiara or Crown: An elegant bridal tiara or tiara that can be placed over the turban can provide a harmonious look with the wedding dress. These accessories can often be decorated with pearls, stones or crystals. Bridal Hairpin: Bridal hairpins that can be fixed on the turban can also be preferred. The clasps can often be embellished with stones, pearls or shimmering details. Bridal Bouquet: A small bridal bouquet that can be placed over the turban can provide a romantic and elegant touch. A bouquet of small flowers can be a beauti
How Libra's Wedding Style Should Be Libra people are known for their aesthetic sensibilities and seek balance and harmony. Beauty, elegance and harmony are also important elements in wedding style. Here are some suggestions that can reflect Libra's wedding style: Elegant and romantic atmosphere: Libra people love romance and beauty. Creating an elegant and romantic atmosphere in the wedding venue and decoration will suit Libra's taste. Soft colors, beautiful flowers and nice lighting can be used. Well-balanced color palette: Libra people pay attention to color harmony. Harmonious and balancing colors can be preferred in the wedding color palette. For example, pastel tones, neu
What Should Capricorn's Wedding Style Be Like? Capricorn is a sign that is generally considered to have a traditional, simple and orderly style. So, a Capricorn's wedding may reflect these traits as well. Below are some suggestions for Capricorn's wedding style: Classic and elegant style: Capricorn likes traditional and timeless styles. Therefore, it is important for the wedding to have a classic atmosphere. An elegant wedding venue, elegant decorations and traditional details can be preferred. Simple and minimalist decoration: Capricorn people prefer to avoid unnecessary showiness. Adopting a simple style in wedding decoration and creating an atmosphere full of minimal but im
Cancer Wedding Style The Cancer wedding style should be an emotional, romantic, and family-oriented event. Cancer places great importance on the concepts of home and family, so wedding style should also focus on these values. Here are some suggestions for the ideal wedding style for Cancer: Intimate environment: Cancer feels comfortable in a friendly and warm environment. Therefore, you may want to plan your wedding with a smaller guest list and create a more personal atmosphere. A wedding that takes place in a warm environment with close family and friends may be more suitable for the nature of Cancer. Marine theme: Cancer is connected to the water element and is associated with the sea.
What Should Be Considered During the Girl Request Ceremony? The marriage ceremony is an important step in the marriage process in Turkish culture. It is important to deal with some customs and manners in this ceremony. Here are some points to consider in the marriage ceremony: Preparation: A preparation should be made in advance for the girl request ceremony. Communication between families should be established, the date and time should be determined, and invitations should be prepared. Role of the host: The betrothal usually takes place in the girl's family home. As the host family, you should welcome your guests with a smile and treat them with respect and courtesy. Request: The ce
What Accessories Does the Bride Use in the Engagement Ceremony? In the engagement ceremony, the bride usually prefers simpler and lighter accessories. Here are some accessories that can be used by the bride at the engagement ceremony: Engagement ring: In the engagement ceremony, the bride wears the engagement ring. This can usually be a solitaire or a stone ring. Necklace: The bride can opt for an elegant and thin necklace. Usually, a simpler necklace is chosen to match the engagement dress. Earrings: Earrings can frame the bride's face at the engagement ceremony, making her look more attractive and elegant. The bride usually prefers earrings with small stones or pearls. Bracelets:
Bridal Accessories at the Wedding Ceremony   Brides often use various accessories in wedding ceremonies. These are chosen to match the wedding dress and hairstyle. Here are some commonly preferred bridal accessories: Bridal Headpiece or Crown: Crowns or headpieces worn on the bride's hair are usually chosen in harmony with the style of the wedding dress. These can often be decorated with pearls, diamonds or crystal details. Bridal Bouquet: A bouquet of flowers carried by the bride is widely used in wedding ceremonies. The bouquet can be made up of colors and flowers in harmony with the wedding dress and wedding theme. Bridal Necklace and Earrings: Brides can choose a
What are the Bride's Clothing Alternatives at the Wedding Ceremony? While brides usually prefer to wear a wedding dress at the wedding ceremony, some brides may prefer other outfits other than the wedding dress to create a different style. Here are some options: Dress: You can choose a simpler, more comfortable and plainer dress instead of a wedding dress. A dress in this style can suit a more modern or bohemian style. You can choose a dress decorated with lace details, different cuts or original details. Tailor Suit: Some brides may wear suits or tailor suits to create a more masculine style. This kind of combination consisting of trousers, jacket and shirt can provide a modern and
Simple Wedding Advice A simple wedding is an event planned in a minimalist and elegant style. Here are some suggestions for a simple wedding: Venue selection: You can choose a natural and simple environment as a wedding venue. Outdoor venues such as a stylish garden, beach or elegant city park provide a homely atmosphere. You can also consider interiors such as a minimalist living room or a modern gallery. Color palette: Neutral and soft colors are generally preferred for a simple wedding. You can use calm and harmonious colors such as white, cream, champagne, pastel tones or light gray. These colors help you create a minimalist and sophisticated atmosphere. Simple invitations: You can u
Minimalist Bridal Accessories Advice Stylish and simple bridal accessories for brides who want to have a minimalist wedding are listed below: A fine bridal tiara or tiara: An elegant and minimalist bridal tiara or tiara can be a great option to decorate your hair. You can opt for minimalist designs with a simple metal band, pearl details or subtle floral applications. A thin bridal veil: A long and simple tulle bridal veil is the perfect option for a minimal look. You can opt for a sheer or fine lace detail veil with a straight edge. Minimalist earrings: Earrings can complement the bridal look in harmony with the wedding dress. You can choose elegant and simple design earrings su
Aquarius Wedding Style Aquarius is associated with individuality, originality and innovation. You can plan your wedding style in accordance with these features. Here are some ideas for wedding style suitable for Aquarius: An alternative style: Aquarius likes the unusual and different. You can go beyond traditional wedding patterns and adopt an alternative wedding style. For example, you can organize an outdoor wedding, a vintage-style wedding or a themed wedding in touch with nature. Creative decorations: Aquarius is imaginative and creative. You can use creative ideas to decorate your wedding venue in accordance with your personal style. You can add details such as colorful balloons,
Virgo Sign Wedding Style Since Virgos usually have a practical, detailed and elegant taste, their wedding style should reflect these characteristics. Here are some ideas for wedding style suitable for Virgo: A minimalist style: Virgos usually like simplicity and pay attention to details. Planning your wedding in a minimalist style allows you to focus on clean lines and simple details. You can use an elegant white color palette and choose stylish yet simple decorations in your wedding venue. A natural and rustic style: Virgo is known for their love for nature. That's why you can arrange your wedding in a natural and rustic style. A space decorated with wooden accessories, greenery and
Suggestions for a Wedding Organization Without a Wedding If you are planning a wedding organization without a wedding and you need suggestions for the details of this organization, our article is for you. Wedding Ceremony: You can plan your wedding ceremony simply and sincerely. Choose a nice venue and invite your close relatives and friends. You can include your favorite music or special reading passages to make the ceremony personal and meaningful. Venue Selection: You can choose a smaller venue for a wedding organization without a wedding. You can create a comfortable environment in the garden, on the beach or in a park. You can create a romantic atmosphere with light decorations. M
Gemini Sign Wedding Style Gemini is generally social, active and energetic. They can also prefer an atmosphere that reflects these characteristics in terms of wedding style. Here are some suggestions for describing a wedding style suitable for Gemini: A fun-oriented wedding: Gemini people enjoy social interaction and value entertainment. For this reason, you can include elements such as live music, dance floor, games and interactive activities in your wedding organization. Organizing events that will entertain your guests will be very enjoyable for Gemini people. Variety and colorful details: Gemini people can get bored of monotony. You can provide vitality and diversity by using di
Bridal table flower selection, The choice of bridal table flower is one of the most important decoration elements on the wedding day. Here are the things to consider when choosing a bridal table flower: Color match: Bridal table flowers should be in harmony with the wedding theme and colors. This should often be thought of in coordination with the wedding dress, bridal bouquet and other wedding decoration items. Size: The size of the bridal table flower should be chosen according to the size of the table. A flower arrangement that is too large can overshadow the table, while a flower arrangement that is too small can make it look incomplete. Seasonal flowers: Flowers available du
Bridal Table Accessories The bridal table is one of the most important decoration elements of the wedding and is usually designed as a table where the bride and groom sit. Bridal table decoration can include different accessories as well as flowers. Here are some accessories that can be found on the bridal table: Tablecloth: The bridal table is usually covered with a special tablecloth. These covers are usually made of higher quality and ostentatious fabrics. Runner: A runner that can be placed on the tablecloth adds an extra touch to the table. The runner can be in the same theme as the tablecloth or in a different color. Flower arrangements: Bridal table flowers can be arrangem
Bustier Selection for Wedding Dress Choosing an appropriate bustier for your wedding dress is important to complement the shape and style of your dress. Here are some tips on choosing a bustier for a wedding dress: Adaptation to the wedding dress type: You should choose a bustier according to the cut and style of your wedding dress. For example, if you are wearing a strapless wedding dress, it may be appropriate to choose a supportive strapless bustier. If you're wearing an A-line wedding dress, a padded bodice type bustier may be more appropriate. Body fit: It is important that the bustier fits correctly and supports your body. Choosing a bustier that fits your size is importan
Mistakes Made Regarding the Skirt Length of the Wedding Dress Choosing a wedding dress is a very important decision for every bride-to-be. Skirt length is also an important element of wedding dress selection. Here are some mistakes made about the hem of the wedding dress: Improper length: The length of the bridal skirt should match the style of the bridal gown and the wedding venue. A skirt that is too long may be impractical for outdoor weddings or in hot climates. Likewise, a skirt that is too short may not be appropriate at a more traditional wedding. The suitability of the skirt length should be determined by considering the wedding venue and style. Mismatched hemline: Some brid
Mistakes Made When Choosing Bridal Shoes   Although the choice of bridal shoes is important, unfortunately, some mistakes are made by succumbing to the external appearance.   Here are common mistakes made when choosing bridal shoes:   Neglecting comfort: Bridal shoes, especially high heels, can cause foot pain when worn for long periods of time. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to the comfort of the shoes. Try on the shoes and stand and walk for a long time, feel if your foot is comfortable.   Not matching the shoes to the wedding style: The wedding dress and shoes should be compatible with the wedding style. Before choosing your
Customs After the Wedding Customs made after the wedding differ from country to country and even from region to region. However, some customs that are generally performed after the wedding are as follows: Bride's entry into the house: After the wedding, the bride goes to their house with her husband and the bride meets her husband's family. Bedroom decoration: In some cultures, the bride and groom's bedroom is decorated by the bride's friends or family members. Meals offered by the bride's mother: In some cultures, after the wedding, the bride is served special meals prepared by her mother. Meeting the bride's mother-in-law: In some cultures, after the
Wedding Stream Ranking   The order of things to do at a wedding is usually as follows: Welcoming guests: Welcoming and welcoming guests when they arrive is important for the wedding to begin. Having someone on board to greet your guests helps guests feel comfortable and welcome. Ceremony: The ceremony, which is the most important part of the wedding, takes place when the couple signs the marriage contract and gets married. The content and activities of the ceremony may vary according to the culture, beliefs and wishes of the couple. Reception: A reception is usually held after the ceremony. Guests can eat, drink and dance to the music. The bride and groom usually walk aro
Preparation for Wedding Photos You can follow these tips to prepare for wedding photos: Venue and time: Decide where and at what time the wedding day will take place. It is important for your photographer to know this information beforehand. Choosing clothes: One of the most important things in wedding photos is choosing the right outfit. It is also important that you are comfortable in choosing a wedding dress and groom's suit. Makeup and hair: You can look great at your wedding by working with a professional makeup artist and hairstylist. Accessories: When choosing your jewelry and accessories, make sure that they are compatible with the wedding dress and groom's suit.
The Most Beautiful Bridal Veil The most beautiful bridal veil; it depends on personal tastes and wedding theme. Every bride can choose a veil that reflects her style and preferences. Below are some popular bridal veil models: Long Veils: A classic and traditional choice, long veils are usually made of lightweight fabrics such as chiffon, tulle or lace, creating an elegant look that often extends to the skirt of the wedding dress. Fluffy Veils: You can choose fluffy veils for a more dramatic and magnificent effect. Fluffy veils made up of layers of tulle are popular with brides looking for a princess-style look. Lace Veils: You can choose veils with lace details to create a romant
The Most Beautiful Bridal Crown Models The most beautiful bridal crown model depends entirely on personal tastes and style preferences. However, below are some popular bridal crown models: Tiaras: Offering an elegant and princess-like look with rhinestone or pearl details, tiaras are a preferred option among classical and romantic brides. Floral Tulles: Floral bridal crown models decorated with tulle decorated with pearl or crystal details are a popular choice for brides who prefer vintage or bohemian style. Vintage Style Hair Jewelry: Art Deco or vintage-inspired hair jewelry, often antique or retro-inspired, is popular with brides who love old-world charm. Natural Flowers: B
Renting or Buying a Wedding Dress? Renting a wedding dress may be a less costly option. The rental price will often be much more affordable than the purchase price. It also helps you avoid the costs required for the purchase. Renting can also be a greener option, rather than purchasing a one-time-only dress. However, buying also offers some advantages. By purchasing a wedding dress, you can choose a design that is completely unique to you and keep it as a souvenir for the future. Also, by purchasing a wedding dress, you can decide exactly how you want the outfit that you will wear on your special day. When making a decision, your budget and priorities are important. Renting can be a short
When to Buy a Wedding Dress Perhaps the hardest part of the job will be deciding on the wedding dress. Because after the wedding dress decision, it is easier to make a choice about wedding dress accessories and other bridal products. For this reason, a large amount of time is needed to comfortably look at wedding dresses, rehearse and think about them. It is almost impossible to choose a wedding dress in 3-5 days. The wedding dress should be bought about 6-8 months before the wedding. This time may take longer if the wedding dress needs to be custom sewn. Allocating enough time for wedding dress selection and purchase is necessary for the bride-to-be to choose a wedding dress according
When to buy a wedding dress The question of when to buy a wedding dress is a relative concept. Because there are those who buy 1 month before the wedding, and those who buy 1 year before. On average, it should be taken about 6-8 months before the wedding. This time may take longer if the wedding dress needs to be custom sewn. Factors such as rehearsals and the harmony of the wedding dress with the physique are important during the preparation of the wedding dress. In fact, it is necessary to consider a time period in which changes can be made in wedding dress accessories if the bride-to-be wishes. A small wedding dress alteration can take hours as it is a delicate job. Especially when it
Helen Wears Bridal Tiara   When using a Helen bridal crown, pay attention to the following: Make choices that are compatible with the wedding dress. The crown of the wedding dress must be completed with your wedding dress. Choose your bridal crown, considering the color and model of the wedding dress.   The bridal crown should be chosen according to your hairstyle. You should choose a bridal crown that is compatible with the length, shape and hair accessories of your hair. Also, taking into account the shape of your hair and the way it is held, you can determine how to fix the crown.   Helen bridal tiara usually has a small and elegant design. However, you sh
What the Groom Does on the Wedding Day   Wake up early on an exciting wedding morning. Complete all your preparations ahead of time . Prepare the clothes you will wear at the wedding ceremony in advance. You can even do a final rehearsal to make sure there are no issues with its suitability.   Of course, the bride's hair and care are mostly at the forefront at weddings. The groom should have made an appointment with the barber to have his hair and beard care done beforehand.   Arrange the time you will meet with the bride well and take care to arrive on time.   Do not neglect the timing for the car decoration ceremony.   We have a ty
  Engagement Ceremony Accessories Engagement ceremony is an important ceremony that takes place before marriage in Turkish culture. In the engagement ceremony, the bride-to-be and groom-to-be are celebrated by their families and close circles. Engagement ceremony accessories usually include: Engagement ring: It is the most important symbol of the engagement ceremony. The groom-to-be puts the engagement ring on the bride-to-be's finger. Engagement dress: A specially chosen dress is worn for the engagement ceremony. The bride-to-be usually prefers a white or pastel dress. Shawl: The bride-to-be can use a specially selected shawl for the engagement ceremony. The shawl ca
What Does Henna Mean in Turkish Weddings Henna is a tradition that is made at the bride's house in Turkish weddings, usually 1-2 days before the wedding. Henna is a form of celebration held at the bride's home, where the bride-to-be comes together with her friends, relatives and neighbors. Henna is usually applied to the hands and feet of the bride-to-be. This process is intended to bring happiness and abundance in the marriage of the bride-to-be. Traditionally, songs are sung and games are played during the henna burning process. Since this tradition is the last celebration held at the bride-to-be's home, it is also a farewell. Henna night is an important part of Turkis
  Wedding Traditions Varying from Country to Country   Wedding traditions vary from country to country, even different cities in a country. Usually, however, weddings are held as a marriage ceremony, a celebration where families and friends come together. Here are some of the most famous wedding traditions around the world: Indian weddings: Indian wedding ceremonies are one of the most colorful and long-lasting wedding ceremonies worldwide. It usually lasts a few days and includes many colorful ceremonies. The most famous Indian wedding traditions include Haldi, Mehndi, Sangeet and Baraat. Chinese weddings: Chinese weddings are traditionally celebrated with red cloth
Bridal Crown Models   Traditionally, brides often opt for a bridal tiara at their wedding. It is the most basic symbol of being a bride. It is also the biggest dream of little girls. Because a bride wants to feel like a princess. Bridal crowns are often used to add an extra shine and beauty to the bride's hair. Bridal crowns come in many different styles and can be made from many different materials. Here are a few popular bridal crown models:   Floral Bridal Crowns: These crowns give a natural look to the bride's hair by decorating it with flowers. Simpler models use a single large flower, while more exaggerated models combine many flowers of different sizes an
Suggestions for Bridal Crown Selection The bridal crown is one of the bridal accessories that the bride focuses on the most on her wedding day. It is very important as a complementary part of the wedding dress. While deciding for the bridal crown, it is possible to make this choice easier after our article. Choose a bridal crown that matches the style of your wedding dress. Do not forget that the accessories and the wedding dress should not have an exaggeration in the same direction. If your wedding dress has a simple style, you can choose a more flashy bridal crown. However, if your wedding dress is already flashy, choosing a simpler bridal crown would be a much better choice. If y
  Which Accessories Should I Prefer at the Wedding Ceremony?   The wedding ceremony can be performed with different traditions and rituals in different cultures and regions. Therefore, which accessories are used varies according to these cultures. Accessories that have become a symbol of the wedding ceremony are also wedding caps. Voile hats, wedding caps have been used in wedding ceremonies for many years. The voile hat is worn for formal or ceremonial events and is often combined with suit-style clothing. Although rarely used today, it is still featured in some fashion styles. If the wedding ceremony will be separate from the wedding ceremony, the bride-to-be can eith
    Tips for the Wedding Ceremony In a wedding ceremony, there is a marriage officer and the marriage office building is used. The marriage officer manages the marriage process of the couple and completes the legal procedures necessary for the realization of the marriage contract. The couple swears under the direction of the marriage officer and the marriage witnesses sign the necessary signatures for the marriage certificate. A simple wedding ceremony is a ceremony in which the couple's legal process of marriage is carried out but traditional wedding rituals are not performed. Couples often prefer a casual style of dressing and can sometimes organize a simple event
  What to Consider in Wedding Planning Wedding ceremonies have started to be quite costly if we take into account the expensiveness in recent years. For this reason, in this article, we wanted to touch on some tips for couples acting on a limited budget. Remember that a great wedding ceremony can be done at a low cost. We all know that planning the wedding day takes a lot of time and although it is exciting, it is also stressful. First, decide which elements are important in the ceremony. For example, you can make a guest list, so you can choose a more minimal venue for a certain number of guest lists. Once the guest list is clear, the cost of other details will come down on
Accessories for Simple Wedding Dress   When choosing accessories for a simple wedding dress, you need to choose minimal and elegant pieces to complete your wedding dress. For example, if you chose a plain wedding dress, a small crown will complete the wedding dress and your hair with an elegant touch. A pearl necklace will add a different atmosphere to the look, especially in a simple and strapless wedding dress. If we give an idea for other accessories, the look can be completed with thin and not too flashy earrings, minimal bracelets or bracelets, elegant shoes, and a simple bag. Here is the main issue to be considered. It is an important detail that the details do not spo
Accessories for Lace Wedding Dress   Lace wedding dresses often provide a romantic and elegant look. Therefore, it is important for integrity to choose accessories that are compatible with this type of wedding dress. Here are the accessory suggestions that can be compatible with lace wedding dresses: Crowns and hair accessories: Crowns and hair accessories that go well with lacy wedding dresses may include flower, pearl or crystal tiaras, hair ornaments or hairpins. You can create a different look by making your hair a stylish bridal bun or leaving it open. If you have chosen a lace wedding dress, you should consider the style and details of your wedding dress when choosing
Wedding Dress Selection for Weak Brides If you want to have a more pleasant appearance as a thin bride, it is important to choose a model that suits your physique and other details of the wedding. When weak brides-to-be choose a wedding dress model suitable for their appearance, a much more elegant picture will emerge. Remember that although there are many details in the wedding, the leading role is always in the wedding dress model. Weak brides, you can choose a neat skirt that fills the gap between the waist and legs so that the hem of the wedding dress forms a neat shape. Every bride-to-be's body is different and even the same model may look different on different brides. Do
Wedding Dress Earring Selection When choosing earrings, the bride-to-be should determine the earring model, taking into account the style of the wedding dress, hair style, face shape, skin color, and other physical characteristics. The wedding theme and colors should also be considered. Earrings should complement and balance the bride's face and appearance. The most important factor here is the bride's face shape. Brides with a round face, brides with an oval face, and brides with a triangular face should pay attention to the shape of the face with the earrings while choosing earrings. Round faces have a smooth and balanced face shape. The most suitable earring models for th
Choosing the Wedding Dress Color   Brides should consider many factors in the targeted wedding dress color. Some of them are the color theme of the wedding. If the wedding has a theme, a wedding dress color should be chosen that is very suitable for this wedding theme. A wedding dress color should be chosen that is suitable for the wedding ceremony held in an indoor venue and the wedding ceremony held in an open office. For this reason, the color of the wedding dress is also related to the season of the duration of the wedding. For spring and summer seasons, open seasons, dark colors for winter and autumn can be preferred. Factors such as the ten colors of the bride-to-be and h
Tips to reduce the cost of choosing a wedding venue Let's briefly talk about what to consider when choosing a wedding venue. Consider the capacity of the venue according to the number of guests. Also, make sure that the guests will not have any problems in terms of transportation. The atmosphere of the venue where the wedding will take place should meet the expectations of your guests and you. Be sure to confirm that the venue has the equipment you need, such as sound and light. Assuming that wedding ceremonies are held according to traditions and customs, it is obvious that it is a really costly event. Don't be alarmed. Because you can have a great wedding ceremony with a smal
Tips on Wedding Dress Style and Accessories Matching   First of all, the bride-to-be should consider her personal tastes. The colors he likes, the models suitable for his physique, even the ten colors are an important factor in the making of this style. All the bride's accessories should complement the silhouette of the wedding dress, and all the accessories should reflect the bride's personal style and taste. In order to be stylish, we recommend that you stay away from uncomfortable accessories. This is your most special day. So enjoying every moment of today, crying happily. When you wear a shoe that disturbs your feet daily, you will not be able to enjoy the ceremo
Bridal Accessories and Hair Match Bridal hairstyles and bridal accessories should also be in harmony. When choosing the bridal hair model, the bridal hair should be in harmony with the jewelry and other accessories you will wear, not only according to the wedding dress model. This harmony will be an appearance that reflects not only your physical appearance, but also your whole personality and soul. If you are going to use a bridal crown or bridal hairpin, it is important that the color of these accessories match the bridal jewelry. A bridal tiara with silver embroideries or shades of gray will clash with gold jewellery. If you're wearing silver or platinum rings that go well with
Bridal Hair Makeup harmony We strongly recommend that you get support from a professional for bridal hair and make-up. You will look at the photos in this ceremony, which has an important place in your life, for a lifetime. Every time you look at wedding photos, you don't want those looks to be filled with wishful thinking. For this reason, we think that there should be a team of experts who are very experienced in their field, so that the bridal hair and make-up harmony is in place. Never forget that the hairstyle and bridal make-up for the wedding ceremony will not be a typical session. Do not try to do your hair and make-up on your own. Even if you are a professional in hair and
Things To Do Before Engagement Night While determining the date of the engagement ceremony, some couples plan the engagement ceremony one or several years before the wedding, while some couples may hold the engagement ceremony during the wedding week or a few days before the wedding. Requesting ceremony, promise, engagement ceremony, henna wedding ceremonies have been held one after the other recently. In the past, because there were arranged marriages, the engagement ceremony was held for the couples to get to know each other and for the families to get together. In fact, if you look at it, it was as important as a wedding ceremony. In recent years, it can also be celebrated among the fa
Bridal Hair Accessories Bridal hair accessories are the most important part of a perfect wedding hairstyle. Because this accessory will be the finishing touches of your wedding dress and will attract all the attention on your radiant face. Bridal hair accessories have a wide range of prices. There are so many options for bridal hair accessories such as combs, hairpins, bridal crowns, bridal veils, bridal flowers... The bride-to-be should choose the wedding dress before choosing the hair accessories. Because all the details are coordinated, it will be healthier to choose accessories after deciding on the wedding dress model. The style, color, stance of the wedding dress will help you ch
Capricorn Wedding Dates Capricorn is the best example of willpower and patience. Their temperament appears clear and somewhat cold. He is strict with discipline. Since they want everything to work perfectly, they want the wedding ceremony preparations to be in line with the instructions they give. For Capricorns, the most perfect wedding dates would be September, April, and December. For the December wedding, they are especially likely to choose the day of December 21st. Since they have an extremely serious personality, they prefer brown tones, beige and cream colors instead of shining colors. Even Capricorn bride candidates prefer a wedding dress in off-white tones instead of a milky
About the psychology of the bride-to-be Let's admit it, planning a wedding, thinking about all the details and being stuck on having everything to be perfect is a source of stress for brides-to-be. Weddings can be challenging, especially in terms of culture, tradition and customs. Let's especially point out that no matter what country it is, there is no one who does not feel stressed in the wedding preparations. In other words, you are not the only person experiencing this stress, and believe me, you will not be the last person. One of the causes of stress is the expectation of the perfect day that the bride dreams about. Of course, if we add the effort to please the environmen
Wedding Dress Complementary Selection Hours are spent even choosing a bridal shoe, right? When we give an idea to a friend, we can produce the solution immediately. We keep looking for the best of everything, saying the most beautiful, the most eye-catching, the most suitable number. We will make the right choice if we decide more calmly and without worrying about details while looking at accessories, complements, shoes, bridal gloves, bridal jewelry for the wedding dress. For example, when choosing a bridal shoe, you may also want to wear an ordinary white pair of heels. But remember that there is no rule that you will wear such shoes under the wedding dress. Then why not enjoy it? You c
What Should I Consider When Choosing Accessories For Wedding Dress?   Every bride-to-be wants to look like a princess at her wedding. In your wedding ceremony, which is different from your daily style, you do not want to go out of your own style. When you look at wedding photos, you want to feel the excitement of that day every time. After choosing a wedding dress that suits your fashion sense, the rest is to research for bridal accessories, bridal products and other complements. Neither wedding dress nor wedding dress accessories is an exaggeration. Have you ever looked at wedding photos from ancient times? You've seen how exaggerated even bridal makeup is. Not all jewe
Aries Zodiac Wedding Dates Born between March 21st and April 19th, Aries zodiac signs indicate the beginning of spring, as can be understood from the dates. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is therefore known as a leader. They can be impatient and impulsive, but they are also full of energy and are high in joy of life.  Aries zodiac sign represents new beginnings, turning point. Therefore, March-April dates will be the best wedding dates for Aries. Traditionally symbolizing the start of the wedding season, spring is the perfect time of year for Aries. In wedding preparations, spring colors can be preferred for bridal accessories, bridal bouquet and other bridal accessorie
Advice for Hijab Brides Weddings are one of the biggest and most important days of the bride and groom's lives. It is a special day for women where they can reveal everything with their appearance without any judgment or feeling of shyness and be as extraordinary and marginal as they want. Some people may think that this can be difficult for a woman who wears a headscarf. But this is absolutely not true. Brides who wear hijab look just as stylish as brides who don't wear hijab. We will have a few suggestions for brides with hijab. Do not mix and match too many different colors; If your dress and accessories are of different colors, match at least one of the hijab color so that
Hijab Bridal Head Accessories   The headscarf worn by Muslim women to cover their hair has an important place in many Islamic cultures. In recent years, closed accessories have also been adopted as a fashion statement by some non-Muslim women. The hijab can be worn in ways that cover the face with a veil or that do not completely cover the face. It is typically wrapped around the head and then secured to a shoulder with the ends hanging just above the waist on either side of the wearer's body. Bridal Head Hijab Hair Band This hijab accessory consists of a long, narrow band that wraps around the head and is secured with pins at the shoulders. Adding flowers or other decor
How to Decide on the Bridal Hairstyle. How do you like to use your hair in general? After all, you don't want to have a model that you don't want and don't like. When deciding on the bridal hairstyle, the structure of your hair is also important. Let's also point out that if you have thin straight hair that does not go into a wavy shape in any way, you should think twice when choosing this model. You want to stay until the end of the wedding ceremony with the hairstyle you left the hairdresser; your hair without losing its shine and appearance. The model of the wedding dress, and especially the collar, is an element that determines the bridal hairstyle. Sometimes a bun
  Hairstyles for Brides with Long Hair Wedding ceremonies are an important part of life for all brides-to-be. Everything needs to be complete with your dream wedding dress, bridal make-up, bridal bouquet, bridal accessories and of course, bridal hair. In all preparations, all the details should almost accompany each other. It is a fact that your hair should look flawless on this special day. One of the most preferred models among the hairstyles for long-haired brides is the ballerina bun. It is a bridal hairstyle that never goes out of style. You can also decorate the ballerina bun with different bridal hair accessories. The bridal hairstyle that is gathered from the side is
Hair Accessories for Brides with Long Hair It is very popular for the bride to add accessories to her hair at the wedding ceremony. It is also recommended by hairdressers who always prepare the bride's hair. Whether it's a small bridal hairpin or an exaggerated veil, it will always be the last piece to complete the wedding dress. In long-haired bride models, the bun model is highly demanded and even recommended by hairdressers. The bridal bun has kept its place in the first place in bridal hair models for many years. In recent years, brides have managed to step out of the ordinary. They say they prefer naturalness with more comfortable hair. Even with braid models, free wavy
Bridal Barrettes for Short-Haired Brides Bridal products, bridal hair accessories are not just for long-haired brides. Brides with short hair have created a distinctive style by preserving their simplicity with flower bridal hairpins, pearly bridal hairpins, and stone bridal hairpins. You can choose a bridal hair clip suitable for the size of your hair, and you can also ask your hairdresser for support. Instead of a bridal hairpin, you can also choose a stylish headband for short hair. Take care that the bridal hair accessory you have chosen does not go beyond the concept of the wedding dress. After all, all the accessories should complete the wedding dress. If you are having a wedd
Tips for Engagement Party If you're planning an engagement party, you don't have to have a fancy or very expensive celebration. It is also possible to organize stylish engagement ceremonies, from invitations to decorations, from meals to events. Some couples choose between a wedding ceremony and an engagement ceremony and choose to celebrate someone in a more minimally simple ceremony. Many engagement ceremonies are performed in a simple ceremony at home among the family. If you are planning a ceremony at home, you can celebrate with small decorations and invite your close friends to the ceremony. Those who prefer this simplicity for the engagement ceremony can also prefer a
ABOUT THE ENGAGEMENT CEREMONY In recent years, traditional engagement ceremonies have been replaced by minimalist celebrations between families. It can also be like the preparation stage for the wedding ceremony. You can also think of the engagement ceremony as the official start of your wedding festivities. A toast to the bride and groom is an opportunity for families to mingle. When you announce the engagement, everyone you love will want to congratulate you. A formal engagement party is a great time for families to get to know each other and get together. You can celebrate your engagement party with an unconventional, traditional or very casual theme. The rules, customs and tradi
    Pisces wedding style Pisces brides are unconventional. They will not prefer ordinary traditional classical weddings. When deciding on a wedding dress or choosing a wedding venue, do not ignore this feature. Pisces is a sign that is interested in timelessness. This zodiac sign loves spirituality due to its nature and disposition. Spirituality has an important place in every frame of his life. She wants to be at the forefront with her elegant and feminine aspects. Factors such as sea, water, beach, which are caused by the characteristics of the zodiac sign, attract the Pisces bride candidates. Pisces are ruled by the planet Neptune, which rules spirituality and intuit
    Aries wedding style Aries are brave and ambitious signs. He does not get bored of thinking about even the most difficult events. Brides-to-be in Aries weddings want to be unique. She does not neglect to add a different color to a classic white wedding dress. Whatever it does, it manages to be extraordinary with a color that can go out of white. When it comes to space, it favors naturalness. A lush forest, a place surrounded by mountains, having a wedding on a farm reflects the sign of Aries. Aries signs born between March 21st and April 20th belong to the fire element. For this reason, they are more spontaneous and more courageous in wedding styles, wedding dresses
  Meanings of bridal bouquets part two Orchid: Represents love, luxury, beauty and power. These flowers also symbolize wealth. If you want to give your bridal bouquet a sultry look, you can benefit from the nobility of the orchid. In addition to being used in decorations at weddings, orchids were given as gifts to wish success in business life.  Cherry Blossom: Cherry blossoms are indispensable for spring weddings. These sweet little flowers represent love, luck and abundance.  Peony: Peony is a flower that is as sweet as its name and as happy as its appearance. These beauties symbolize love, honor, happiness, wealth, romance and shyness. Peonies included in t
Bridal flowers and their meaning ROSE: A bouquet of roses is always a popular choice. The red rose symbolizes eternal love, romance, beauty and courage. In fact, February 14 is the indispensable symbol of Valentine's Day. The rose, as a flower, is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. It is the ultimate expression of femininity. The white rose represents new beginnings and purity, the pink rose represents grace and admiration, and the orange represents passion and enthusiasm. Flowers have different meanings in bridal bouquets. Whichever flower means what to you, you can have the bridal bouquet prepared accordingly. SUNFLOWER: It is the happiest looking flower. In fact, this special f
Your zodiac sign and wedding style Deciding on the style of the wedding day is not easy. If you don't know where to start, you can decide by being inspired by the horoscope. By looking at the characteristics of you and your partner's zodiac sign, you can make a clearer decision about many details about wedding style, wedding accessories, bridal products, bridal accessories, wedding and wedding dress. We know that astrology is a guide to our lives. The number of people who benefit from the energy of the sky in the decisions we make, the signatures made, even a property purchased or a new beginning to be made is increasing day by day. You can make a joint decision about the lifes
Wedding dates for Taurus Ruled by Venus, Taurus prefers aesthetically appealing environments. Being ruled by Venus, the first sign that comes to mind when it comes to love, passion, romance and marriage is Taurus. Taurus loves stability. For this reason, long-lasting and realistic marriages are generally seen in Taurus signs. Taurus marriages are reliable, faithful to their promises. But it should not be forgotten that it is necessary to keep the marriage alive. You will also need diffs for this. Even if these differences are not there, it does not pose any risk for the bulls, who have a reputation for stability. Details are important for Taurus signs. For Taurus, May and June would be
  Wedding dates by zodiac sign Bride and groom start a new life as of the wedding by combining their lives. Marriage is two separate lives being one. As a married couple, although you may stick to your individual personalities, your relationship has its own uniqueness. Marriage is the institution that you raise, nurture and nurture. Just as your birthday has astrological features, the same applies to the date of your marriage. Many people dream of their wedding. Everyone always thinks about the age at which they will get married, in which season the wedding ceremony will be held, and what kind of wedding organization it will be. No matter what season or date you get marri
Wedding dates in astrology Choosing a wedding date is one of the most important tasks to complete. The date of the wedding ceremony will affect the wedding theme according to the season, act according to the time zone and many other wedding preparations and will guide these preparations. While determining the wedding date, some couples determine a special meaningful day between them as the wedding date, while some couples consider the compatibility of their horoscope with this date. While astrology guides many areas of our lives, its leadership in choosing a wedding date has also become very popular lately. It gives direction to many issues such as your zodiac sign, love life, business
Bride groom wedding entrance ideas The wedding ceremony was entered with a traditional dance music for years. In fact, the song of the Milky Way was indispensable for wedding ceremonies for many years. Nowadays, bride and groom candidates can move freely in wedding ceremonies. They go beyond the classical style and create their own style. Different dances are performed at the most popular wedding ceremony entrances of recent times. Couples who take private dance lessons for this, show all their talents at the entrance to the ceremony. It's really different and quite fun. If you are planning an unusual entrance to the wedding ceremony, you can take a look at our article. The e
Events for the wedding We have briefly summarized the activities to be held for the wedding day. Thus, with this list, you will not miss any details in the flow of the wedding ceremony. Of course, every couple can customize the flow of the wedding ceremony for themselves and decorate it with more unusual events. This traditional layout we have prepared will help guide the way. Cocktail hour before the wedding ceremony Dinner and entertainment Bride and groom entrance to the wedding ceremony and first dance A short "Welcome" speech by the bride and groom Fun Dances with families cake cutting jewelry ceremony End of ceremony and family photos This lis
Accessories for elegant bridesmaid dresses Wearing accessories has always been a pleasure for women. A separate passion for brides-to-be. Bridal accessories are the finest details that complete a wedding dress. Does the bride-to-be like simplicity or an exaggerated concept? Does he want a single color in jewelry and other accessories or does he prefer dark colors? From bridal hair accessories to jewelry, from shoes to bridal flowers, every product is related to the bride's style. Exaggerated jewelry will only distract you, especially if you have a detailed or patterned wedding dress. In this case, plain jewelry will balance a flashy wedding dress. Embroidery, lace, beads, stones
Most comfortable bridal shoes A bridal shoe embroidered with fancy and fine accessories. Forget the thought that it is not comfortable. You can enjoy the wedding night with both dazzling and comfortable shoes. Even if you prefer a very formal wedding ceremony, there is a comfortable bridal shoe for every wedding dress model. Our first suggestion for brides-to-be who are looking for comfortable bridal shoes; thick and low-heeled bridal shoes and padded bridal shoes that support standing. Do not forget that the bride-to-be should have an idea about the shoe material and product description in order to find the most suitable shoes for them. For example, in a faux leather shoe, your fee
Popular wedding dresses In the new trend bridal gowns, you may encounter a different bridal style with skirt lengths, decorations, bridal products, accessories and colors. Vintage bridal gowns reminiscent of old times are always popular and will never go out of fashion. We can also call it timeless wedding dresses with lace embellishments, beads, elegant silhouettes. Wedding dresses with transparent sleeves and lace details have been among the most popular wedding dresses for years. Complete with a puffy and simple balloon skirt, this bridal style is the epitome of modern romance. Corset, which was an outerwear trend at the beginning of 2005, took its place in wedding dress model
What is a minimalist wedding dress Sometimes less is much more. Simplicity is much more than a wedding dress embellished with details. If you have a style that favors simplicity, this will be reflected in the model of the wedding dress, and even in the visuality of the wedding. While the minimalist lifestyle has spread rapidly all over the world in recent years, this understanding has also been reflected in wedding ceremonies and even wedding dresses. A simple wedding dress will allow you to express your style and feel like yourself at your wedding. After all, a wedding dress that does not reflect you will not make much sense. While many brides-to-be prefer long bridal veils and
What to wear when going to try on a wedding dress When going to try on a wedding dress, it can be tempting to go unprepared with excitement. When you go to the rehearsal for the wedding dress you like, remember that you need to be prepared to have the exact measurements. Especially underwear can make a big difference in the appearance of a wedding dress. Even if you prefer a strapless wedding dress, if you are wondering how the wedding dress will look without the bra straps, be sure to have strapped and strapless bras with you. Make sure that the underwear you wear under the wedding dress is bamboo. Since bamboo laundry is organic, it will not cause any discomfort. Also, make sure t
Wedding dress and bridal belt Wedding dress accessories form the cornerstone of a wedding. Accessories don't just complete the overall look. It is also a reflection of your personal style. The popularity of bridal belts has increased in recent years. Sometimes it can appear as an accessory and sometimes as a jewellery. The bridal belt, which has been traditional for years, is gradually giving way to the bridal belt after the 2000s. Stone bridal belt, golden bridal belt, lace bridal belt are available in many different options. Let's take a look at how to use the bridal belt with the wedding dress and other accessories. When deciding on the choice of bridal belt, you need to mak
When determining the wedding date The process of determining the wedding date is much more than marking a day on the calendar. First, make sure you have enough time to plan your dream wedding. 1 year is an ideal time for decision-making on the guest list, number of wedding guests, and other issues. Weddings were also held in a shorter time. But 1 year is a very suitable time to complete the wedding planning with peace of mind.   It is necessary to get confirmation about the availability of the wedding venue for the specified date. You can be flexible about the date, depending on availability. If you do not have a place that you have determined in mind, you can first determine t
Summer wedding ideas Undoubtedly, the most popular weddings are summer weddings. Splendid weather, greenery, landscape themes are some of the reasons why summer weddings are popular. Especially outdoor wedding venues have a stunning view. Here are some ideas that will make a difference in these places. If the wedding venue has a wooded land, you can greet guests with a romantic walkway. On this walkway, you can tell your love story with notes and pictures attached to trees. If you don't have trees to decorate in this way, don't worry. You can also prepare this decor with rustic-looking wooden signs.   Especially in summer weddings, bridal crowns have a different atmo
Things not to do on your wedding day   After the wedding planning and all the preparations, the wedding day should be a little less stress-free than the previous days. Here's what you need to do to avoid any chaos: Don't stress about the weather. This situation causes you to be nervous and unhappy on the wedding day. The wedding planner must have thought of an alternative. Although the weather reports are usually accurate, we can sometimes encounter surprises. If you are going to offer the guests cakes that you have made yourself, do not leave it to the last day. Be sure to complete procedures such as facial care and waxing a few days before the wedding. On the we
summer wedding mistakes The biggest concern at summer weddings is when it rains. But remember, scorching heat is just as worrying. Summer weddings should be in a more relaxed atmosphere. Summer weddings should not be as formal as weddings held in other seasons. Events that make the wedding ceremony more joyful should be planned. If you have organized a wedding with dinner, you can present with lighter meals instead of heavy meals in the heat of summer. And let's not forget the drink factor. In particular, sufficient water should be available so that guests do not suffer from water shortages. It is not right to be too minimalist when planning wedding organizations. Even if you
The choice of colors in the wedding organization The choice of wedding colors is a detail that affects the entire process of the organization. Although the choice of color may seem very simple, it should be decided long before the wedding. Once you've completed your wedding color scheme, all your other details will begin to fall into place. After the color selection, the whole concept should be arranged in accordance with these colors. Before deciding on the wedding color combination, there is one detail to consider. Every visual detail such as wedding dress, groom suit, bridal flower, bridal veil should be in harmony with the color combination. There are wedding color schemes f
Creative wedding decor ideas When planning a wedding, the wedding decor is one detail that makes the biggest impact on the ceremony. It is much more important to ensure that guests are on your menu and are comfortable, rather than spending your budget on flamboyant flowers and fancy food. You can prepare a wonderful decor from candles of different colors. Dark candles will make the decor look richer. The more candles you use in the decor, the more ostentatious the decor will be. It is possible to add a different atmosphere to the decor with metallic balloons or balloon letters in silver, gold or copper tones. Decor is not just a matter of space. You can also include your guests i
Ideas that make the wedding unique The wedding concept should reflect you and your partner in all its details. The wedding event should be unique. You may have chosen a classic wedding theme. You do not have to apply the chosen wedding theme exactly. You can make this ceremony special just for you by adding something from yourself. In order for the wedding you want to be like a dream to go in the direction you planned, it is useful to focus on the following issues. The venue of the wedding is the factor that determines many things in a wedding. The wedding theme is an element that determines the number of guests to be invited, the content of the entertainment, and other details abou
Important details about the wedding Every detail is very important for the wedding. We have compiled a list of details that form the basis of this ceremony. wedding rings; It is the most basic symbol of marriage. By deciding together with your partner on the choice of ring that you will wear on your finger for the rest of your life, you choose a ring that represents excellent quality. Of course, wedding rings are also the symbol of marriage. The place where the wedding ceremony will take place; It should be a venue that fits your dream wedding theme concept. The choice of wedding venue is decided by considering factors such as the number of guests and the theme of the wedding. Th
Ideas about the wedding theme   To help you get started on how to choose a theme for your wedding, we've compiled a list of popular wedding themes. Whatever wedding theme you choose, do not forget to add creativity from yourself. Thus, the wedding theme will become more original. Beach-themed wedding themes are one of the popular themes. Beach-themed wedding ceremonies are a good choice if the wedding guest list includes your close circle and friends. It is suitable for an average of 50-70 guests. It can be difficult to manage the event for a higher number of guests. You will not need detailed decorations for a wedding ceremony to be held by the sea. Because the sea itself
Wedding organization details   The first challenge of how to choose a wedding theme is to choose from all the options and the bride and groom find the right theme for themselves. Before determining a theme for the wedding organization, if you answer the following questions, your opinion on this subject will become more clear. What are the details that make a place different? Which venues can accommodate the wedding theme you want to have? Get an idea of ​​the visuality of these places. What will the weather be like during your wedding and will this interfere with your desired wedding theme? If you have reserved your wedding venue before finalizing your weddin
How should the catering service be at the wedding? Even if you love to cook and are passionate about it, serving food at a wedding is much more than that. In wedding dinners, it is very important that the performance of the presentation is flamboyant and that the guests, guests and friends are satisfied. All this combination should get full marks, together with the delicious and freshness of the dishes and the visuality of the presentation. The aim here should be to please and impress the guests. In a wedding ceremony with dinner, it would be a good decision to deal with a catering company. A budget-friendly catering company, where you detail options such as timing, presentation and
Which wedding theme should I choose? In order for the wedding organization to be successful, it is necessary to determine a theme. There are wedding foundations in different concepts. There are many options such as a bohemian ethnic wedding theme, a rustic wedding theme, nostalgic wedding themes. Also a beach wedding or a salon wedding are among these foundations. Before choosing the theme, it would be appropriate for the bride and groom to do some research on this subject. It is necessary to look at the pictures, colors, videos, music of the themes and examine all these. Accordingly, we should create a plan. In fact, choosing the wedding theme also clarifies some ideas about the overa
About wedding photography A detail such as wedding photography is as important as the wedding dress, wedding venue, and all other details. It even forms the most important part of the wedding ceremony. Choosing the right wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make. The photos you take at your wedding are much more than just the wedding ceremony. You will look back on the memories from the first day of a wonderful journey together for years. In wedding photos, it's not just how you look, the main issue is how you feel and how you love, capturing this feeling and reflecting it on the photos. Because these images, as a frozen frame of time, will make you
How to make your wedding unique Wedding happens once in a lifetime. Everyone dreams of this unique day for years. If a wedding planning is going to be unique and unique, it is necessary to conduct a detailed research in order to complete all the details and planning of the wedding organization. When planning your wedding, it will be very productive to work with a wedding organizer to make your dreams come true and plan stress-free. The organizers will make your wedding perfect in accordance with your style because they have a qualified and equipped team for this. Since there is a separate team for each service, there will be no overlooked details. In addition, working with a wedding or
Choosing the wedding theme You are pushing for everything to be complete in your wedding that you look forward to and dream of. You want your wedding to be a reflection of your togetherness, while your family and friends are ready to support and be by your side on your special day. Therefore, when choosing the wedding theme, you want it to reflect you in the best possible way. First of all, it is important to choose the venue where the wedding organization will be held. The space you have in mind and the wedding theme you want to create should overlap well with each other. Take care that details such as the landscape and the features of the venue are connected and compatible with the w
  Mistakes made in choosing a wedding dress Even if you can't wait for the wedding day, shopping too early can lead to big mistakes. Before the wedding date is taken and the final decision is made, looking at the wedding dress will lead you to make a quick decision. Don't be hasty in this matter. Before shopping for a wedding dress, many issues regarding your wedding details should be clarified. Because many factors can affect the style of the dress. For example, a very flamboyant wedding dress embellished with fine details may look stunning in a ballroom, but it won't create the same mood at a beach wedding ceremony. Again, since the harmony of the colors you choos
Things to know about bridal veils You may want to use a veil that will not overshadow the wedding dress, but is in harmony with the wedding dress. When you choose a veil suitable for a wedding dress, you do not have to stick to a classic model. It is up to you to modernize the bridal veil with your own ideas and ensure that it is in harmony with the wedding dress. Wearing a bridal veil is especially appealing for the mood it creates when taking a photo or walking down the aisle. In recent years, the bride has replaced bridal veils with flower crowns, tiaras, glamorous hair accessories or different accessories, depending on what best suits the overall mood and style of the wedding.
Should I wear a bridal veil? Bridal accessories add a touch of elegance that can enhance even the simplest wedding dress. It combines the wedding dress with your overall wedding theme. Think about how a bridal veil can complement the gown, or how a sparkly crown fits perfectly into a princess-inspired gown. Some bridal accessories started as a tradition. For example, the bridal veil has long been part of a tradition that symbolizes the purity of the bride. But these days, most brides are giving up on the symbolic meaning and focusing more on the aesthetic value of the accessories. At the end of the day, it's up to you to make the whole decision. Do not give up on doing whatever mak
Wedding dress model and jewellery selection   Deciding on the wedding dress model is the most difficult part of the preparation stage. Now that one of the hardest parts of wedding day preparation is behind you , it's time to start thinking about how to complete your look with jewelry and other accessories . So where should you start? Like your bridal hairstyle, bridal jewelry has a lot to do with the model and other details of the wedding dress. Whether you prefer a solemn bateau neckline or a classic one-shoulder neckline, there are a number of accessory options to accentuate any particular look. To help you find the most suitable jewelry and bridal accessories for the wed
Harmony of the wedding and body shape What is the best way to determine the ideal body type? Which wedding dress suits my body shape? How do I find the right wedding dress for my body? These are some of the questions you will ask before deciding on the wedding dress model. It would be a smart move to learn about the harmony of your wedding dress and your body shape. Of course, we all know that wedding dress shopping is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. It's also hard to know where to start when there are so many different styles, shapes and sizes to choose from. There are different body types: hourglass, petite, tall, thin, athletic or there are brides with distinctive li
The right bridal shoes Wedding organizations are undoubtedly the most exciting period of life for young girls. It's your only chance to be a princess for a day. For this reason, a separate effort is made to ensure that everything is perfect from top to bottom. Sometimes creating the same image as imagined is not that simple. Although a wedding dress or a bridal shoe is perfectly beautiful on its own, it may not create a good combination when combined. We would like to share with you a few guides in the selection of bridal shoes. All weddings are different from each other in terms of concept, style or theme. For this reason, wedding shoes should match not only with the wedding
new wedding traditions Weddings are held with certain traditions since ancient times. But in recent years, newly married couples have been on the agenda with more unusual organizations. Going out of tradition continues with many young couples adapting to the new wedding trend. Especially cakes and sugary products have always been the favorite of celebrations. In recent years, smaller cakes have been offered to guests instead of huge traditional wedding cakes. Of course, wedding dances have also changed. Instead of a traditional dance, a slow wedding dance gave its place to different types of dance such as tango and salsa. Couples also take private dance lessons for this purpose.
wedding flowers and bouquets You can get lost among images of bridal bouquets for inspiration from wedding flowers. Especially roses are the most preferred flowers for wedding organizations, bridal flowers and bridal hand bouquets. Getting support from a consultant in this regard according to your wedding dress style will also allow you to have an idea about the types of flowers you would like to see in the arrangement. Especially for brides who want to use a lively bridal bouquet, it will also have a different aesthetic if it is compatible with the season in which the wedding will be held. The most alternatives are in the spring season weddings. In addition to considering seasonality
The oldest wedding traditions   White wedding dress: The tradition of the white wedding dress began in 1840, when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert. The white lace and silk satin dress represented wealth rather than purity back then. This wedding ceremony started a new trend in brides who want to wear white. Today, many brides still wear white, although it is still possible to see ivory, black, and even PINK wedding dresses on occasion, but wearing white wedding dresses is still popular. What about before the 1800s? Mostly red wedding dresses were worn. Brides in China, South Sudan and Singapore still wear red wedding dresses today. They also wore a blue wedding dress, as it
Spring 2022 wedding trends Probably the most romantic season for a wedding ceremony is april. For years. In the spring seasons, we witnessed colorful flowers, wedding cakes rising on the stage and many similar wedding trends. Although this trend continues today, unusual ceremonies have attracted attention in recent years. Crowded and large organized weddings were replaced by more minimal and intimate ceremonies. These weddings, which focus more on the little things, are in demand in the eternal times. Especially spring weddings are in more demand with the preference of open air venues. For this reason, since there is a serious increase in organizations in this season, you should make y
How do I choose bridal shoes Finding the right shoes starts with finding the wedding dress that suits your style. After you decide on the wedding dress model, you can decide more easily about the remaining matches. When choosing wedding shoes, it is an important detail to consider the venue of the wedding. Being in stiletto bridal shoes at a beach wedding will not be the right option. No matter how comfortable looking. Be sure to have a spare pair of shoes with you, just in case. The importance of bridal shoes in a long process such as photography and wedding organization cannot be ignored. We would like to give a few tips on choosing bridal shoes: First, decide on the we
Comfortable bridal shoes models Wearing high heels to a wedding can make your wedding night suffer. Considering the length of the wedding dress and your tiredness, you don't want to get stuck. Especially if the wedding is an open-air wedding. Instead of crowning intense running with aching feet, choosing very comfortable bridal shoes will allow you to move more comfortably. It is possible to both look stylish and move with pain-free feet. Platform shoes provide more stability than stiletto bridal shoes. Therefore, you will have a much more enjoyable time with platform bridal shoes, even if they are high. It is difficult to find comfortable bridal shoes, especially when shopping
Choosing a bridal hat In recent years, bridal hats are preferred instead of bridal veils. Bohemian style products in wedding dresses and bridal accessories started to dominate. Even bridal hats are thrown instead of bridal flowers. Of course, this adds a different atmosphere to the wedding atmosphere. Although we are used to the bridal veil and bridal crown, bridal hats have been preferred recently. The important thing is that the wedding dress, bridal products and bridal accessories are in harmony with the bridal hat. Maybe using a bridal cap is unorthodox. You can even decorate it with accessories such as feathers and flowers while using a hat. At the wedding, your style and the brid
wedding budget guide   There is no need to spend high costs for a magnificent wedding. We will have a few suggestions for you to keep the costs at a lower level for the wedding budget.   When planning the wedding organization, make sure to create a budget and stick to it.   Renting the wedding dress instead of buying it will save a lot of money. After all, you will keep your wedding dress, which you wear once, for a lifetime. Years later, it will cause the fabric to age and turn yellow. Fashion houses now design and rent tailor-made wedding dresses.   One of the ways to cut costs is to reduce the number of your guest list. Having a small wedding wi
wedding photo guide You put an incredible amount of effort into planning your wedding. We wanted to prepare a list of the moments that you should not forget during the process from the wedding preparation to returning home. You want to capture the best memories for the most memorable day of your life. That's why it's so important to work with a photographer you trust. Make sure to give your photographer a list of the photos you want from the wedding. When you create a shooting list, you will not miss any memories missed in the wedding rush. , Choose sample photos for the photos you want to have on your wedding day. This will also make your photographer's job easier. You can
What you need to know about the bridal bouquet   The bridal bouquet is the most important part of the wedding flowers. It is an important bridal product that will both accompany the wedding dress and complete the wedding concept. Since it will accompany you in all the photos, the size of the bouquet, the color match of the flowers, the decorations and all other details should meet your expectations. Sometimes a very simple bridal bouquet is used. Sometimes, long bridal bouquets are used, which are quite dazzling and even integrate with the bracelet. The important thing here is that it is in harmony with the wedding and wedding dress style. Especially in spring weddings, bridal
Ideas about outdoor photography concept The time when outdoor photos are taken is perhaps the most exciting part of the wedding organization. You will keep those photos for a lifetime and show them to your children and even grandchildren. You will put your favorite photo in the corner of your house. You like photos that reflect more of your own self. For this reason, let's give information about a few details about what you can do in outdoor photos without escaping the naturalness. In bridal photography, the most important object related to the bridal bouquet or wedding is associated with the photograph, especially in outdoor shots. You can use an extraordinary bridal bouquet for p
bridal crown ideas   In the fashion of the 1990s, shoulder pads, frilly sleeves and colorful bridal crowns were very popular. Recently, the fashion of those years has come to the fore again in bridal crown models.   Almost all brides-to-be like bridal crowns, especially from the Hellenistic periods. In fact, it is the most important symbol that completes the wedding dress. Especially if a spring wedding is to be held, a bright bridal crown will inspire the whole concept. No matter what style you apply for bridal hair, these vintage crowns fit perfectly with all hairstyles. Models such as zircon stone bridal crown, pearl embroidered bridal crown, crystal stone bridal cro
Bride using hair clips Bridal hairpin is a very useful accessory in bridal buns. Many of the bridal hairstyles are in the form of a bun. The most important reason for this is that bridal hairpins and other bridal hair accessories are easier to use. Hair accessories alternatives also increase with the bun model. There are many options for making different models with bridal hairpins. Whether you use a single bridal hairpin or use several according to the bridal hair model, both options will create a very stylish look. The important thing for brides-to-be is to fix the hairpins firmly on the hair. If the wedding dress is quite flashy, a simple look can be created with a bridal hair cl
How do you make the decision to rent or buy a wedding dress? Many brides say that my wedding dress belongs only to me and dream of keeping it in the ballot box for life. It is true that there is a spiritual commitment to the wedding dress. The bride gives the answer to the question of whether to rent or buy for a one-time event. If you want, take a look at our article before making that decision. The cost of buying a wedding dress is quite high compared to renting a wedding dress. If you cannot afford this cost, you can rent a wedding dress with an affordable budget without feeling under any pressure. When you buy the dress, you will see a wider range of products. In fact, it will b
Pre-wedding cosmetics guide It is almost impossible not to notice the radiance of the brides who started their beauty preparations months before the wedding. In fact, beauty preparation for the wedding day is a great excuse for many brides to be completely renewed. Here are a few tips for a complete rejuvenation. You can start work without eyebrow shaping. Because it will take some time. Have your eyebrows plucked and shaped regularly so that you can have the eyebrow style you want until the wedding day. If you want to have microblading, start this process 6 months before the wedding. Do not neglect dental care. Every bride wants to have a white smile. For this reason, be sure to co
How should wedding makeup be for brides with green eyes The eyes are the most important detail of the bridal make-up. The spirituality created by the gaze should not be overlooked. For this reason, every bride wants her eye makeup to be extraordinary. But there are so many different styles and colors… Therefore, narrowing down the options will also make your decision easier. The first step to narrowing down the options will be to choose the makeup that best suits your eye color. Some eyeshadow and eyeliner colors and different eye makeup techniques will intensify the tone of your eyes and make them stand out. No matter what eye color you have, choosing the right makeup for your
The most important bridal accessories Bridal accessories, wedding and wedding organization accessories are important details that complement the invitation and add elegance. In addition to bridal products and bridal accessories, let's give information about the accessories that the groom will use and the details that should not be forgotten in the organization. The main bridal accessories that complete the bride and the bride are veils, crowns and hair accessories. Considering that you host the guests during the wedding and actively participate in the entertainment, the selection of bridal shoes that you can feel completely comfortable with is also important. Sometimes a shoe is li
How should the harmony between bridal products be? All bridal products, bridal accessories, are decided after the selection of the wedding dress. First you need to decide what kind of bride you will be. Defining your style clearly will also help you in choosing bridal products and bridal accessories. Remember, bridal accessories are the finest details that complete the wedding dress. It is a whole with wedding dress accessories. Let's say you chose a strapless wedding dress. In the cool of the evening, a shimmering shawl or bolero on the shoulders will be a great accessory. You can find different designs for shoulder accessories at Other details such as ha
Tips for natural looking bridal makeup In the last few years, simple and natural bridal makeup has become more popular with brides in general. Since a simple make-up will never go out of style, brides are more adopting the natural make-up look. Simple and natural bridal makeup will be perfect for a bride on her wedding day as it will accentuate the beautiful features of your face. In a very exaggerated bridal make-up, you may not be aware of it for that day, but when you look at the photos afterwards, a natural bridal make-up will be a good decision in order not to be surprised. Nobody wants to look different than they are. Of course, no bride wants to encounter a completely differe
How should bridal makeup for brown eyes be The most difficult part of choosing a bridal make-up is that you don't want to go beyond your naturalness, and you want a more special, extraordinary make-up. The best thing about working with a professional make-up artist is that they actually help with this decision. By taking into account the features of your facial features, they will also guide you correctly about bridal makeup trends. Of course, in this decision, factors such as hair color, eye color, skin color also have an important effect on which bridal make-up should be done. The concept of ethnic makeup is quite common, especially for brown-eyed brides. Of course, the most impo
Bridal makeup mistakes   While some mistakes are unobtrusive in your daily make-up, bridal make-up mistakes made on your wedding day can upset you greatly. We share what you need to do in order not to make mistakes in bridal makeup and to prevent these mistakes.   When using mascara, always use waterproof mascara. More than the change of weather, the rush at the wedding will tire you out. Your face may sweat. This will cause your makeup to run. You can use waterproof mascaras to be more stress-free.   Using semi-transparent powder powder after foundation fixes your make-up. If this fixation is not done with powder powder, you will face the possibility of make
How to make bridal makeup With the wedding day approaching, would you like to do the makeup yourself or have a professional make-up artist do it? Even if you decide to do the bridal makeup yourself, let's give information about a few step-by-step tips. Moisturize your skin after thoroughly cleansing it. After some time has passed for the skin to moisturize, apply a quality makeup primer. It will be more effective if you apply the make-up primer not only to the face, but also to the hands and neck. Especially if you have combination skin, make-up primer will be extremely effective. After completing the part of preparing your skin for make-up, you can start with eye make-up. For t
One of the issues that worry brides in summer weddings is bridal make-up and the durability of make-up in a hot environment. In hot climates, it is necessary to consider the sweating factor in humid weather. For this reason, it would be right to choose a matte foundation. With a bright foundation, your skin is exposed to more reflection in the sun and a more moist appearance is formed.   Putting too much emphasis on bridal makeup also creates problems in photo shoots, especially in summer weddings. Such make-up mistakes cause brightness in photos.   If your skin has large pores, powder concealers will be appropriate. Cream concealers provide a moist appearance. A moist-
wedding rose color meanings Brides-to-be who wonder what roses mean while preparing the wedding bouquet, can prepare the bridal bouquet with peace of mind after reading our article. Roses have been the best way to send a heartfelt message for ages. Red roses are the universal expression of love. Romance and deep feelings have a special romantic meaning. Red roses in the bridal bouquet express feelings of respect, deep love, devotion and passion. Did you know that the light and dark tones of pink roses also have different meanings in themselves? Pink roses symbolize grace, femininity, refinement and sweetness. A deep pink rose includes an expression of thanks. It expresses gratitude
How to do wedding makeup   For wedding make-up, you must have completed the preparation of your skin for this make-up. To prepare your skin, it is necessary not to neglect routine care at least a few months before. You can have the make-up trial done before the wedding. Thus, you will not encounter any surprises in the make-up on the wedding day. Wedding make-up will also make it easier for you to decide on which colors and what style of make-up when you make a few tries. Every bride-to-be wants to focus on her wedding day. But there is no need to exaggerate this too much.   Do not forget to decide with the make-up artist whether the expression should be on the ey
wedding invitation details We have prepared a small guide on the details you need to pay attention to before the preparation of the wedding invitation, the preparation stage and printing. In the wedding invitation, the legibility of the text is important. You should not compromise on readability because the font, calligraphy and text colors will be in different designs. Make sure the text and background are in contrasting colors to improve readability. This will make it easier to read the invitation. A number of rules must be followed in the preparation of a wedding invitation. Traditionally, the names of the wedding owners should appear first. Be sure to review the invitation desig
ideas about wedding bouquet The bridal bouquet, or in other words, the wedding bouquet, is part of your wedding accessories. Of course, it is not only a wedding accessory, it also represents the most important part of the wedding dress. It will be an accessory that will accompany your beautiful wedding dress and be depicted in every photograph. While creating the perfect bridal bouquet, it is important not to ignore the issues such as what you want, the style of your wedding dress, and the wedding concept. Many different designs can be created with flower pairings. One of the details to consider when creating your bridal bouquet is the type of flower. So, are you thinking of creating a
Bachelorette party He is the bride's right hand and best friend at bachelorette parties. It goes without saying how important your close friend, who takes on this responsibility, is for the bride-to-be. Do not be intimidated during the party preparation stages. There are some great ideas for bachelorette parties. Of course, along with these ideas, we will also give information about the bridal accessories and bridal products used at the party. What is a bachelorette party? Although bachelorette parties have increased in popularity lately, it is a new concept for many brides-to-be. If we define it, it is a party called "the last night of her freedom" by the close friend
Gold: 24 carat gold, 18 carat gold, white gold, yellow and bronze gold varieties are available. All 18k gold consists of 75 percent pure gold. The remaining 25% is formed by the combination of different metals.   White gold: Additional processes are applied to change the gold color. It is plated with a white metal to hide the yellowish tones of gold. Since this coating wears out over time, it would be beneficial to renew the coating at least once a year.       Platinum: Platinum is similar in appearance to white gold. Since there is no coating applied under white, it does not lose its color over time. That's why you don't have to do anything all
The use of necklaces with a wedding dress From the wedding organization to the selection of the wedding dress, be careful not to go out of your style. For example, if you don't like to wear a necklace, you don't have to wear a necklace with your wedding dress. The important thing here is the happiness and comfort of a bride. Here, you can choose the wedding dress model accordingly, as whether you wear a necklace or not will be more related to the collar of the wedding dress. Whatever your style, the neckline of your wedding dress will often be the deciding factor in whether you wear a necklace and which style you choose. We know how much a necklace will suit a strapless wedding
Tips for choosing bridal products While planning the wedding, it means that a trend of events that you will enjoy is starting. Some parts are funny, some parts are emotional. Here it remains for the bride and groom to enjoy this process. No matter how hard it is when it comes to minor touch-ups, the real fun part starts here. Because your dream is now beginning to take shape in its clearest form. Because somehow the most difficult decision, the wedding dress selection part, is over. Almost all women want to look like princesses on their wedding day and not go out of style. It also takes some effort to keep the balance here. After choosing a wedding dress that suits your fashion s
Earrings combined with the wedding dress In the selection of jewelry, the most important factor is usually the wedding dress model and color. Because the wedding dress, bridal shoes, bridal earrings show itself with other bridal products. If the wedding dress has a complex neckline, it is often not right to wear a necklace. But this time, the detail is hidden in the earrings. Sparkling, elegant earrings complement these styles of wedding dresses. There are many factors to consider in order to achieve the perfect bridal look. The first step, of course, is to come up with your dream wedding dress, then choose the right shoes, hair and makeup. One of the last decisions to be made is br
Bridal Slippers As with any wedding, there are hundreds of to-do lists for the wedding organization before getting married. There is such a detail that you should not forget in order to prepare comfortably before or after the wedding… You can browse our website for bridal slippers and stylish bridal slippers that you can easily wear at the hairdresser before the wedding. There are a limited number of hairy bridal slippers and printed bridal slippers in different models on our website. While preparing for the photo shoot, bridal slippers are preferred instead of wearing wedding shoes, so that the bride can spend time comfortably with her shoes during the wed
Strapless Wedding Dress Accessories Wondering how to decorate a strapless wedding dress from start to finish? You can safely order from bridal jewelery to matching bridal veils, lace capes, boleros, bridal shawls and different models from bridal products shopping site. Strapless wedding dresses can be easily combined with earrings, jewelry or a veil. And in most cases, it looks great with matching accessories designed specifically for their silhouettes. While you can decorate the décolleté area with some very elegant necklaces, it is also easy to style your strapless wedding dress with large earrings, a stunning necklace or choker, bridal tiara, s
Low-cut wedding dress tips   When you choose a low-cut wedding dress, some small details will make a huge difference. In low-cut wedding dresses, an elegant necklace and a pair of earrings in harmony with the necklace will add beauty to your beauty. These details help keep the whole focus away from the dress, bringing out the beauty of your face. Also, remember that the wedding dress is a whole with its accessories. If you are wearing a V-neck wedding dress, you can complete your design with a pearl necklace, a stone necklace and matching earrings. Moreover, you can increase this harmony with hair accessories that are compatible with necklaces and earrings. Boat neck wedding
Details about bridal shoes No outfit is complete without the perfect pair of shoes, including the wedding dress. Of course, with this gorgeous wedding dress, you want to wear the shoes that suit her best. But remember, that doesn't mean you have to compromise on comfort. Imagine your wedding night. You'll be on your feet for a long time and you don't want to writhe in pain before you even get to the dance floor. When shopping, consider the height of the heel, the type of strap and the accessories that will be on it. In order to prevent any discomfort, it is necessary to support your feet well and to choose a bridal shoe suitable for the foot model. Try to find high-quality
How to Dress a Bride in Henna? In the henna night, besides the bride, the bride dresses in different types of bindallı. Her close friends also wear clothes that match the bride's henna dress. It is a velvet dress with bindal, decorated with red sequins. It is a traditional henna dress from the Ottoman period, peculiar to Bindallı henna ceremonies. However, a red veil is also worn. The red veil was used to hide the shyness of the bride according to the ancients. The meaning of wearing a red veil also dates back to ancient times. It has survived to the present day as a symbol of exorcising evil spirits, symbolizing purity and happiness. In henna nights, the bride appears before
How Should Henna Night Planning Be? Henna nights consist of fewer people than the number of wedding guests. Because close friends of the bride and groom are invited in the henna ceremonies. In some regions, it can be done separately as a girl's henna and a boy's henna. It would be a more intimate setting than a wedding. In ancient times, henna nights were held in homes. However, in recent years, it has also been held outside in a separate venue. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a venue according to the number of guests. Every henna night is a different scenario. Henna night means bright colors and colorful accessories. Remember that you have never seen so many colors togeth
What You Need to Know While Preparing for the Henna Night The henna ceremony is an ancient art form that originated in India and throughout South Asia and the Middle East. In this ceremony, red-henna is applied to the palms of the bride, the back of her hands, and in some cultures, the feet. This pre-wedding celebration is usually held in a colorful atmosphere. Although these parties are traditionally held at the bride's home, today's bride prefers to hold her henna ceremonies outside. Tradition says that the darker the color of the bride's henna, the happier the marriage of the bride and groom will be. It is said that the designs symbolize various blessings, luck, joy and
How to Make Henna Night?   Morocco, Algeria, Yemen, Iran, Iraq and other Muslim countries and their neighbors such as Mizrachi Jews, Sikhs, Hindus and Zoroastrians have internalized and traditionalized the use of henna. Jewish henna became an important tradition, marking and enhancing auspicious events such as births, birthdays, holidays, and a rite of passage for Jewish Sephardic weddings. The most interesting subject in henna ceremonies are brightly colored clothes, fez hats, marzipan candies, special pastries, authentic Moroccan music bursting during family and friends and enthusiastic dances.   The bride and groom wear ostentatious robes according to Moroccan wed
Henna Ceremony and Its Meaning   Henna is actually a powder obtained by crushing the leaves of the henna plant. The first use of this plant dates back to the Pharaohs in Egypt about 9,000 years ago. It is said that Cleopatra, the last reigning queen of the ancient Egyptian civilization, used henna to adorn her body and beautify herself. The Egyptians also painted mummies' nails with henna before burying them.   Henna also has some superstitions attached to it as an art form due to its extensive history. In India, it is believed that the deeper the color of henna on a bride's hand, the better her relationship with her mother-in-law will be. In some places it is a
Bridesmaid dresses for short petite brides   When looking for a wedding dress, there are details to consider, such as your venue, budget, style, and body type. Sometimes the first focal point in choosing a wedding dress is the length of the wedding dress. Ultimately, you should choose the wedding dress style that you dream of and that makes you feel the best. However, for short, petite brides, we have given information about a few wedding dress styles in our article below. Bell Dress style wedding dresses Regardless of your body type, wedding dresses in A cut model are a real savior. Like the letter A, this dress style starts from the hipline and expands to the ankle. Not on
Bridesmaid dresses for tall brides Being tall is a dream for many women. If you have an above-average height, it means that you are attracting admiring glances. In the bridal fashion industry, they showcase their designs mostly for the average-sized bride or the slightly above-average bride. For this reason, it can be difficult to find a wedding dress when you are well above or below this average. But when you look at it, the models on the catwalks are generally above the average, so the options for the wedding dress model are not that few. When you start looking for a wedding dress model, you will encounter so many models that you may feel like you have fallen into a labyrinth.
Bridal hairstyles and hair accessories for all seasons No matter what season you have a wedding, some hairstyles and bridal hair accessories will give you a perfect look with their suitability for all seasons. You chose your wedding dress model, bridal products, bridal accessories, bridal shoes. It's up to the little details. Bridal hair accessories are very important details to complete any wedding dress. Even if you choose a very modern wedding dress or a bohemian style wedding dress, you can find many models of hair accessories at   When you opt for spring weddings, it's usually in harmony with lighter colors and floral tones that can be
Wedding Cap and Hairstyles All the details, from the wedding dress model to the accessories, from the organization details to the bridal products, were planned. Choosing a wedding cap suitable for your face shape and carrying your hairstyle will be at least as important as other details. Do not forget that the wedding cap you wear should be compatible with your hairstyle. When you wear the wedding cap, the hairstyle should not be spoiled, which is a fine detail. For example, round faces can complement their design with big-brimmed hats. If you have a small or petite face, it will be necessary to use both a hairstyle suitable for your face and a suitable wedding cap. Since hats strai
Choosing a Wedding Cap   Finding the right hat for your wedding dress model and wedding concept is not difficult at all. You can safely buy a wedding cap suitable for you at When wearing a wedding cap, it is necessary to use a cap that reflects your style. Do not forget that during the wedding ceremony, you need to choose a wedding cap that fits the style and is comfortable to use. When choosing a wedding cap, do not ignore your height and physique. For example, If you are tall, avoid tall hats. You can choose wider, horizontal wedding caps. If you are short, avoid large hats and choose smaller creations. Flower Detail and Mesh Wedding Cap, Cryst
Deciding on the Wedding Concept While creating a comprehensive concept for your wedding and wedding dress, sticking to this concept is the ideal way to plan a wedding that reflects your style in the best way, giving a sense of integrity with wedding dress, jewelry and accessories, organization and other details. In short, before you decide on the wedding dress, bridal products, bridal jewelry and all other wedding accessories, it is useful to visualize the big picture. This picture will help you a lot in your decision. For example, what will your wedding style be? What kind of atmosphere do you want to create? Imagining colors and accessories and all other details will give you the mos
A low-cut wedding dress and bridal products   If the model of your wedding dress has a decollete, it is necessary to be more meticulous in the selection of accessories. Matching the beauty of your neck with bridal accessories and bridal products that suit your style can add a distinctive character to your wedding dress and even highlight a unique feature. If your dress is heart-shaped or strapless, you can focus on an elegant pair of flashy earrings instead of an exaggerated necklace. You can browse stylish earrings and jewelry on our website For a stylish look, you can add color to a simple wedding dress with jewelry. For example, a special stone suitabl
Pre-Wedding Bridal Care 6 months before the wedding date is an ideal time to spare time for physical and spiritual care. You can start with the food. Because we all know how everything you eat reflects on our skin and physique. Therefore, instead of focusing only on skin care before the wedding, you can start with physical integrity. You can consult a dietitian to prepare a diet plan tailored for you. Slowly removing sugar and carbs from your diet is a great start. Avoid junk foods such as chips, chocolate, ice cream or sodas as they are the first to cause bloating and acne breakouts. Instead, start a balanced diet of fruits, green vegetables, and protein. Start sipping hydrat
What Should I Consider While Designing a Wedding Dress? First of all, it would be beneficial to start researching at least 6 months in advance to choose the wedding dress model and decide on the most suitable wedding dress for you. You will also make the right decision in a more stress-free and calm way. Because we all know that as the wedding day approaches, panic, excitement and stress gradually increase. When choosing a wedding dress, be sure to ask yourself the following questions: How would you like to feel in a wedding dress? What style of wedding dress do you adopt? Are there any details you are looking for in a wedding dress that you consider indispensable? Of cours
How Should I Decide on the Color of the Wedding Dress? Pure White Wedding Dress   A plain, cold tone, pure white has always been the classic wedding dress color choice. It is a special wedding dress as it is rooted in many cultures. Indeed, its pristine appearance still represents a symbol of purity in some areas. This bridal color looks great on any fabric, but is particularly eye-catching for pure minimalist dresses or prom dresses paired with silver-tone embellishments like sparkling crystals. While wearing pure white, pairing it with silver-tone embellishments like sparkling crystals will make you the perfect bride   Off White Wedding Dress Diamond white, also
Which Bridal Crown Should I Choose? Bridal tiara is not always worn in life. Since wearing a bridal crown is not an ongoing situation, the same care is taken for the bridal crown as the wedding dress is. Do not forget that there is a bridal crown suitable for every wedding dress model and every face shape. The important thing is to choose bridal accessories, wedding dresses, and complements that are whole with your body. Although it is difficult to find that perfect bridal crown that reflects you, your wedding dress and perfectly frames your face shape, you will be enchanted by the elegance of the perfect fit when chosen correctly. The comfort of accessories is also important in
Bridal Earrings Compatible with the Wedding Dress Choosing bridal jewelry is an exciting part of the wedding planning process. Bridal jewelery brings the finishing touches to your wedding look by bringing it all together. However, you should be careful when choosing your bridal jewelry. Instead of overshadowing your bridal look, you should choose jewelry that will elevate the wedding dress. Do not overdo it when choosing bridal earrings. Although it is a flamboyant and very favorite bridal dress, accessories should not overshadow the wedding dress. Although exaggerated and flashy jewelry is more noticeable, it is more important that it is compatible with the wedding dress model you cho
How Should the Wedding Dress and Hair Accessories Be Compatible?   After deciding on the model of your wedding dress, it is useful to choose hair accessories. Because the wedding dress model you choose will give you an idea about what you should pay attention to when researching bridal hair accessories. Hair accessories today offer many options for the modern bride. When choosing hair accessories, many details such as your hairstyle, the structure of your face, the color of the hair accessories stand out. If you want to decorate your hair with just a little touch, far from exaggeration, hair combs will be a suitable choice. A sparkly minimal hair comb embroidered with stones
What should I consider when choosing bridal gloves?   Bridal gloves give a traditional nobility and elegance to a wedding dress. If you want to use gloves at your wedding, first choose the right glove. To choose the right gloves for you, consider your personal tastes and the style of your dress. If the sleeves of the dress are short, the longer the length of the gloves will make the wedding dress dwenge. If you're wearing a sleeveless dress, gloves longer than your elbows would be an ideal choice. For longer sleeve garments, gloves may not be a good option. However, if you want to use bridal gloves, wrist-length short gloves may be appropriate here. If you have chosen
Tips for choosing a wedding dress   When young girls dream of their dream day, their minds don't just turn to wedding favors and bridal accessories and bridal products. The main issue is to make a decision about the wedding dress design. Finding the perfect wedding dress is one of the first things on the to-do list, even for brides who haven't thought of planning a wedding until the ring is put on their finger. However, before you wear that dreamed white wedding dress, we recommend that you take a look at a few of our suggestions. Clearly define your budget for your wedding dress As with every stage of your wedding, set a budget for the wedding dress. It would be ben
The history of the wedding dress   Wedding dress is the most important outfit for women all over the world. Because all women dream of looking beautiful and wearing that white wedding dress on their wedding day. Fashion designers from all over the world make brides' dreams come true with the most popular designs to delight brides and their changing styles and tastes. A wedding dress does not necessarily have to be white. Its history goes back to the middle ages when brides wore their best to represent innocence, elegance. Of course, many years ago, the bride was expected to wear expensive fabrics such as velvet and fur, especially if she came from a wealthy family.
The most preferred bridal products for wedding Bridal accessories will add an extra special atmosphere to your wedding dress with their complementary feature. You can buy bridal accessories on our website, where there are many wedding accessories to choose from. We know that wedding preparation is an organization that requires meticulousness. With Bus ebele, you can both save time and look at special design bridal products and bridal accessories that you can't find anywhere else. Let's give a brief information about some of the bridal products and bridal accessories. Bride shoes Shoes are one of the most important wedding accessories for the bride. W
Where to Buy Bridal Accessories? Regardless of the model or color of your wedding dress, the wedding dress is a whole with accessories that complement it. When you prefer a simple wedding dress, you can use a more exaggerated bridal veil or a more flamboyant hair accessories. It is possible to add a different atmosphere to your design with zircon stone bridal crown or beaded hair accessories available on our website at You can order a white rose bridal bouquet and a specially embroidered handle or a bridal bouquet that is compatible with the groom's boutonniere from our website. When you shop on our website for shoulder accessories wi
Bridal accessories at winter weddings A winter bride should also consider all the details about accessories in order to feel comfortable and look stylish and flashy. There are lots of ideas that will make you look stylish, modern and feel comfortable at the same time. Some of these accessories, bridal jackets, bridal scarves, bolero, bridal shawls are just a few of the alternatives. For example, a very flashy bolero to cover the shoulders in a strapless wedding dress will be a wonderful complement. Or you can feel like a princess with a longer cape. The best thing about being a winter bride is the warm color tones of the bridal bouquet. A simple bride completing her accessorie
Wedding Dresses and Bridal Products for Winter Weddings   There is something magical about winter weddings. Decorating indoor spaces with lights hosts very stylish decor and designs. When choosing a wedding dress in winter weddings, details such as colors, harmony of jewels, bridal accessories play an important role. Do not forget that having a wedding in the winter season does not prevent you from wearing the wedding dress you want. Regardless of the season, you will be a happy bride with the comfort of the wedding dress and accessories you choose. It is necessary to act comfortably on this special day and to enjoy this special invitation. You do not have to choose a weddin
Bridal gloves types A woman's wedding should be the happiest day of her life. Cake, flowers and decorations all in one. Bridal hair model, bridal makeup, wedding dress, bridal products, bridal accessories, each is a separate detail to complete the whole look. One of these details is the bridal glove. Some bridal gloves are designed to suit a particular bride model. Long, short, satin, lace, hairy, flowered, fingered, wrist bridal gloves are a few of these models. While some bridal gloves are only up to the wrist, some bridal gloves can also reach up to the elbow. There is also opera bride glove, which is preferred in sleeveless wedding dress models that extend up to the shoulder
The Importance of Bridal Accessories   A bride is not complete without bridal accessories. Bridal products are a whole with wedding dresses and bridal accessories. Among these accessories, bridal jewelry plays a very important role for a bride. Not only do they perfect the bride's look, these little gemstones also express the significance, meaning and all the spirituality of the occasion. While every bride's style is different, some brides only want to have special jewelry for the day they will wear at the wedding, while some brides prefer jewelry and accessories that they can use outside of the wedding. There are many options that a person can choose for a wedding a
Bridal Products Wedding Accessories There are so many things to be arranged according to the concept for your wedding… However, it's the little details that make your wedding unique and special. It will be very useful to make a list from head to toe in order not to overlook all these bridal products and accessories. wedding accessories for bride The most important item on any bride's shopping list is her wedding dress, but let's see what else will be needed to complete the look of the wedding dress? Let's make a short list of bridal products: Veil, bridal crown or bridal hair to complement your dress Wedding shoes comfortable enough to dance the night
Models for Petite Brides Regardless of your body type, the secret to looking your best in your wedding dress is not just to display your personal style, but to choose a wedding dress that suits your physique and reveals your lines. Of course, let's not forget to complete this wedding dress model as well as bridal jewelry, bridal products and other bridal accessories. There are hundreds of wedding dresses designed for petite brides. For example, short wedding dresses are best suited to petite brides. A midi-length wedding dress or a ruffle detail at the hem would be a great choice. One of the models that petite brides should avoid is exaggerated wedding dresses. A wedding dress m
Bridal Dresses by Triangle or Inverted Triangle Body Type   If your shoulders and upper body are proportionally larger than your lower body, you probably have a triangular body type. You have a thinner waist, smaller hips, and broader shoulders. This body type is also called an inverted triangle.   If you have a triangular or inverted triangle shaped physique, it is better to stay away from open shoulders, strapless or necked wedding dresses. Remember that the wedding dress you choose should be one that best reflects your physique.   It is necessary to decide by considering the smallest detail, from the wedding dress model to the accessories, which are indisp
Wedding Dress Models by Pear Shaped Body Type If you have a pear-shaped body type, your hip area is wider than your chest area and you have a strikingly thin waist. Your neck and shoulders may be very feminine, your chest area may be smaller with a petite and narrow build. A pear-shaped body is one in which most of your weight is in the lower part of the waist. One of the most compatible dress models for this type of body type is the A-cut model or wedding dresses with a flying skirt. An A-line dress can slim the hips and fit your waist perfectly, emphasizing your curves. A dress like this will focus more on the smaller parts of your body and give you a great hourglass figure.  
Brides with hourglass body type normally have a more defined waist, wider hips and larger breasts. You are very curvy and have one of the most desirable body shapes, so let's take a look at the best styles to flaunt your curvy assets. If you have an hourglass physique, the chest and hips are balanced. Therefore, it is best not to add extra weight to these areas. It is necessary to stay away from ball gown, empire or princess style dresses with fuller skirts. Because this can make you look fatter in these areas. Your perfect physique is lost in a wedding dress without being chosen correctly. Instead, choosing bridesmaid dresses with gorgeous curves, such as silhouettes or mermaid st
Bridal accessories for spring weddings   With the air created by the spring season, weddings, especially bridal flowers, have a different atmosphere. Of course, only bridal flowers, bridal bouquets and other accessories used by the bride are in harmony with spring. When patterned or printed floral evening dresses are combined with the color of the environment and the weather, weddings bloom with spring. Especially in spring weddings, pastel colors are preferred a lot. Bright, soft colors are also seasonally inspired. Spring weddings are a great time, especially for garden wedding concepts. Enjoying the open air adds a different positivity to the wedding concept, and it is an


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